Hillbilly Tim

Tim looks and sounds like everything you’ve ever heard about West Virginia. He drawls. He wears overalls. He has a riot of curly hair that will not comform to any known style. His eyes twinkle. He loves Bluegrass music more than any other form of music on the planet. Despite the fact that he’s an aerospace engineer or something like that, he simply oozes hillbilly. I imagine he has a suit for business meetings, but even if he wore a suit, I’d still see farm clothes.

He’s in town to visit just now and I will be seeing him later, getting him drunk in an effort to convince him to sing the Pig Song:

I got pigs

Home in a pen

Gonna feed ‘em uuuuup!

All I need’s

A purty little girl

To feed ‘em when I’m gone!

It works best with a banjo, but a capella is fine as well. I can’t wait!

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