I was going to write something. I cast around in my brain for some jewel of a memory, some student funny, anything. But I’ve got nothing. I can’t remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, let alone an ancient and heartwarming memory dredged from my hindbrain. Do I even have a hindbrain? I may have coughed it out at some point last night. If anyone sees it, can they send it back? Thanks.

Anyway, ever since I’ve been hermetically sealing my students in vaccuum bags wiping my tables at work down with anti-bacteria stuff, I haven’t been sick. Yes, I know, I’m building super germs that will eventually overcome us all. But honestly? I’m willing to do that if it means I don’t spend two weeks out of every four all a-sniffle. I’m selfish, I guess. I get enough germs in my time outside of the classroom. I don’t really need the extra helping.

What was I saying? Oh. Right. So I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. When E got a sore throat last week, I took my vitamin C and carried on. I thought I had this sucker beat. But I had a scratchy throat yesterday morning and by the time I got home from work, I was a catatonic mess of fatigue and disorientation. I guess I should have wiped E down with anti-bacteria stuff as well.

And now I am going to purchase and consume an amusing cocktail of cold medication. Oh, yes, we are Party Central chez MonkeyPants.

2 Comments to “Sickie.”

  1. By Arwen, January 15, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

    Feeling any better yet?

  2. By Liz, January 15, 2007 @ 1:37 pm

    I am a snot fountain. How lovely!

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