Ambush on Broadway.

I was walking along, minding my own business. I guess it’s my own fault. I should have been more aware of my surroundings. I should have crossed the street and not looked at all. I am taking responsibility for my own actions, believe me. I just wasn’t thinking, that’s all.

All of a sudden, they’re right there in front of me. There’s no last-ditch crosswalk to get me across the street. If I turn around now, they’ll know I saw them. The only option is to run out into traffic, and I’m not going to do it. Why does no one else see my plight?

I face them. I know I can’t show weakness. They run in packs, and they have some kind of inner sense that knows when they can get you.

They approach. I look pleasantly disinterested, but it’s not enough. They hold up their little boxes. “Would you like to buy some Girl Guide cookies?”

I am undone.

6 Comments to “Ambush on Broadway.”

  1. By gen, April 15, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

    Are they the mint ones or the traditional vanilla and chocolate?

  2. By Arwen, April 15, 2007 @ 7:31 pm

    The traditional ones aren’t traditional anymore. I’m so disappointed.

  3. By Liz, April 15, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

    They’re traditional. I’ve never even seen the mint ones, only read about them. How can the traditional ones not be traditional, Arwen?

  4. By Arwen, April 17, 2007 @ 5:57 pm

    That is a totally different recipe.
    Our back-door neighbour (rude!) has a girl guide child, and we bought one this year. There’s like, more coconut oil in the cookie or something. They sadden me.

  5. By rachel, April 18, 2007 @ 9:52 pm

    They got me too. Down by Kidsbooks.

  6. By Liz, April 18, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

    More coconut oil? That’s what it was. I thought it was the subtle flavouring of guilt.

    Rachel, I think you and I got caught by the same pack.

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