Realtor Cold Call.

This has never happened to me before. Here’s the recent scene at my house:

Phone: Ring!

Me: Hello?

Realtor: Good morning, Madam. I’m David and I am calling on behalf of Mutton Realty (NB: It’s not really Mutton Realty, it just rhymes with the actual name). Would you, by any chance, like to know the market value of your house today?

Me: Actually, I do know the market value. It was sold for (a bajillion dollars) a week ago.

Realtor: Oh ReeEEeealy? ‘Bye! (hangs up)

I’ve been puzzling about this all day.

1) Why did he hang up so fast? Because Ms. Flight Attendant paid a bajillion dollars for my house and he could now re-adjust his figures for the street? I was wasting valuable Realtor Time when he could have been wheedling some poor old lady out into the street? He really had to pee? I don’t know.

2) Why was he calling me at all? Surely Real Estate agents aren’t so desperate yet that they need to cold-call. Particularly in an area where there are more renters than owners. I mean, I rent. How many renters would be like, “Yes, let’s set up an appointment, it’s time to get rid of this old white elephant of a place.”?

Real Estate: Bringing the weird right into your home.

1 Comment to “Realtor Cold Call.”

  1. By Arwen, May 18, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

    I’ve been cold called, too. I think it’s weird, actually, the “do you know how much your house is worth” people. They’re actively soliciting stock. Generally, stock goes to them.

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