Ben’s Wedding.

Tonight I was at the wedding of one of the children of my parents’ closest friends. Growing up, these kids were like cousins to me. We shared books and opinions and rolled-eyes-moments. I stayed with Ben’s parents when I was in teacher training. They are family, even though we come from different family trees.

This was not a Society Thing. It was a real do-it-yourself wedding, food, vows, music and all. That was wonderful. However, there were several times when my Inner Cynic (she always comes to weddings, even when she isn’t invited) curled her lip. I can’t help her. Maybe she’d go away if I bothered to get married;I don’t know. However, I must say, if you have an inner cynic, the best thing to do at a wedding is sit beside a prominent divorce lawyer.

Inner Cynic didn’t doubt Ben and Tammy. No, she was just there to bitch. She likes that. But I held her in check, because I loved how much in love Ben and Tammy are.

Best moment by far: Ben and Tammy are in the midst of the Civil Ceremony. JOP pauses for breath, and Ben leans forward, to kiss his almost-but-not-quite wife. Catches and rights himself in a second, to much laughter. His focus is so much on Tammy that it’s natural for him to just kiss her. Wherever the hell they are in the ceremony, whatever the hell they’re doing. It’s the most important ceremony of his life, and he forgets what’s going on because he has an impulse to kiss her? That’s some love, people. That is some love.

Congratulations, Ben and Tammy. May you always regard ceremony as second to emotion.

2 Comments to “Ben’s Wedding.”

  1. By Arwen, October 21, 2007 @ 9:06 am

    That’s amazing.
    What I find interesting is that you may be found hanging on a board where the betrothed go. Does your inner cynic come?

  2. By Liz, October 21, 2007 @ 10:54 am

    I hang out on the Off Topic section. We don’t talk about weddings, except if someone receives a poem asking for money for their wedding, or if someone goes to a noteworthy (usually because of tackiness) one. On OT, everyone has an inner cynic, which is why we sometimes get fluffy brides upset. I never bride-bait, though. Almost never. It’s just not fair.

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