Saturday Confessions

I was busy on Friday. E had some kind of stomach bug and was a delightful dehydrating mess. He’s on the mend now and I no longer have my ears cocked for gastrointestinal rumbles.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday season. That’s my first confession: I’ve been under the radar, and it has been utter, utter bliss.

I haven’t bought Bo or Carol’s presents yet. They’re only getting here on New Year’s Eve, though.

Even though I have money worries, I did manage to buy myself two sweaters.

I will probably never read the book E’s parents got me for Christmas. I feel guilty about it, but not guilty enough to read it. That seems to be the case with a few of my gifts. No one actually knows what I like. I hope I know what they like.

E is convalescing on the couch, and I am dreaming of all the food I can’t eat in front of him. He gets toast for now.

How was the holiday for the rest of you?

2 Comments to “Saturday Confessions”

  1. By stephanie, December 31, 2007 @ 8:21 am

    I guess I don’t have any confessions this week. We all seemed to make it through the holidays. I do get nervous on New Year’s Eve with all the drunk drivers. I wish people weren’t so retarded.

  2. By Liz, December 31, 2007 @ 11:50 am

    Tell me about it! Even with free public transit, the assholes are out.

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