Friday Confessions.

Um. Yeah, I forgot to post a thread. I could say that it was all hectic today, but it really wasn’t.

Melissa and I were supposed to write, but we watched Little Shop of Horrors. That’s the first confession. We didn’t write a lick. But we did make notes on the movie, so we now know that a) I don’t have to write 50 songs, and b) we’re trying to be way too realistic. Musicals? Not vehicles for gritty realism.

I totally lied to my new friend Tony (of the scrotal fistula). He wanted to go for coffee and talk about gardens, but I told him I was visiting my dad. In fact, I plan to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and take a lot of photos of men in kilts. It just wasn’t convenient.

Te absolve. Whadja do?

5 Comments to “Friday Confessions.”

  1. By elswhere, March 14, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

    I did about an hour’s worth of work at my main job today, out of four hours that I’d said I would be there and three that I was actually clocked in. But you don’t have to absolve me because I absolve myself, since I did show up and stay upright when what I really wanted to do was crawl under the desk I was using (I don’t actually have a desk), curl up in a fetal position, and stay there.

    Nothing terrible: just a heart-stoppingly poorly-timed car failure, followed by a dash across town via taxi to an interview, followed by the interview itself, followed by a scramble to get across the bridge via public transporation, in the rain, wearing interview clothes.

    I may not post about the interview over at my place since I don’t want to jinx it, but I have absolutely no idea how it went and as likely as not I blew it. The car not starting totally took it out of me.

  2. By Liz, March 15, 2008 @ 9:21 am

    Ouch, Els. I completely sympathize with having the one thing throw your whole day off. I hope they took the frazzle into account in the interview.

  3. By rachel, March 15, 2008 @ 9:22 am

    Els, that sounds just nightmarish.

  4. By elswhere, March 15, 2008 @ 5:49 pm

    I didn’t actually say anything about it at the interview because I didn’t want them to get the idea that I don’t have reliable transportation. Though I did mention it to the front-desk HR person, who was really really nice.

    I ended up posting about it after all, because I needed, for my own sake, to get the events of this week on record. It ended up being incredibly long, and even then I left stuff out.

    Anyway: thanks, both of you.

  5. By Arwen, March 15, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

    Awww. That does sound like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

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