In Welsh Wales.

I’m more behind in the blogging than I thought I would be. For one thing, I started sleeping more than four hours a night. For another, I was too tired after my photo-a-day meet to do anything but have some dinner and watch some television.

So. More details when I have a bit to talk about them. I am not dead or injured or anything. And I do love Wales. The best part about Wales is the people. I am currently sitting next to Ness, my bridal shop-owning friend, and I’m uploading Flickr photos. I won’t have a chance to title them all, but at least they’ll be there and I’m happy for any and all comments.

More when I have a chance. Now, I am off to try on shiny things!

1 Comment to “In Welsh Wales.”

  1. By stephanie, April 22, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

    Everything you are doing sounds so exciting. You can catch up on blogging when you’re back home!

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