So we kind of screwed up on this one.

E’s gone to the Yukon to tour with the Janice Joplin Tribute Rock Opera. Despite the fact that we knew what was happening, despite the fact that he had an itinerary, we forgot to preset times that we could talk to one another on the phone.

This is no surprise, seeing as we haven’t been away from one another for so long (10 days) in our entire almost-six-year relationship. We have no experience of this. As an aside, how strange is that?

I haven’t spoken to him since Saturday. It’s not like he really needs to know the minutiae of my life, it’s just that I want to tell him the little things.

The problem is he’s traveling or rehearsing or performing while I am home and available to take his calls. When he gets offstage at 1:30 or whatever, I’m in dreamland. When they’re planning and costuming and rehearsing and traveling, I’m home and available.

It’s not like I’m worried, I’m just glad I made him take an extra book. And I wish we’d gotten one of those cool hand-held DVD players.

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