Star Trek Musings

E loooooves space shows. There’s no way we’d be without cable if we could only pay for the Food network (for me) and the Space Channel (for him).

As it is, he watches everything he can. I very rarely do, but did in the interest of untangling the mess I have made of his mom’s Christmas present. It’s supposed to be a dramatic and stylish crochet wrap, suitable for a six-foot-tall woman who lives in frigid climes and has a flair for the hippie-dramatic. However, until I ripped it out, it resembled those photos of spiderwebs built by spiders on LSD, so I sat down in front of a Star Trek: Voyager episode. Things I can comment on include:

Janeway is an awesome female role model. If I am ever a space captain in the Delta Quadrant, or, actually, ever in a position of authority to other adults, I want to be like her. She is firm, but fair. She knows how far to push her crew. She has empathy, but doesn’t let it cloud her vision.

Commander Chikote is hot. Even with that thing on his face. What is that, a tribal tattoo or something? Whatever. Yum.

Seven of Nine is only hot if you’re looking at her. When you’re only listening, she just sounds constipated. Maybe the Borg have a problem with roughage? E says it’s because she was in the Collective and probably hasn’t got the hang of modulating for tone. I would just like to point out that she was taken when she was a child. The knowledge of modulationg for tone and emotional content would already have been embedded in her subconscious. Did the Borg erase it? I’d ask E, but there seems to be a hull breach on Deck 12 and it’s kind of noisy in there.

Neelix is there to make space nerds feel better about themselves. Sure, he looks like a scrofulous dwarf, but he has great empathic skills and has-or had at one time, an awesome girlfriend who was pretty cute. Of course (E is telling me as I type) she turned into a light energy being and pushed them closer to home. So she left the scrofulous empathetic dwarf, but it was for a better purpose, and not, you know, because he was short and looked like a Salvation Army teddy bear. Space nerds, rejoice! You may have ketchup stains on your shirt, and you may be able to converse at length about the Relevant Conundrum, but you, too can get a Hot Chick, even if she then dissipates into an energy form.

You know, I have to wonder. What could I accomplish if I wasn’t thinking about these things?

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