I Won’t Make It.

It’s been snowing lately. This was brought to my attention last Tuesday night, when I used my new umbrella up at UBC to ward snow, not rain, but snow, from my head.

It snowed down here near the waterline in a fairly desultory manner the other day, and wet, fat flakes were falling when I went to tutor today.

I was tutoring on high ground. The snow was happily accumulating on the grass, and was even beginning to stick on the sidewalks and roads. I pray the white stuff comes no lower.

I am a child of temperate climes. Give me the incessant drip of rain through the cedars. I have the Gore-Tex to deal with it. If you give me a tarp, I can even construct a place to live in that dripping miasma of green and grey. Give me the mild breezes of spring, and I’ll happily live in the woods and eat fiddleheads. Give me a Vancouver summer, where it’s hot, but not humid, and I sweat, but not so much that I need to shower five times a day. I don’t think I can handle the snow.

How in Heaven’s name am I going to handle Regina? It is currently minus 27, and feels like minus 39. E has just come in and done an evil villain guffaw. He thinks it’s funny that I’m haunting the Weather Network.

To quote Captain Oates, who was lost on Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-starred Antarctic expedition, “I’m just going outside, I may be some time.” Brrrr!

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