Hi gang, glad you’re still checking even though we left you out in the cold over the last while.

You can find the new shows at our new domain http://www.unorigins.com and all new shows will appear over there.

Thanks again for following us, and we’ll see you over on the other side.

Okay, so that only took us six (or is it nine?) months to get organized to do.  Jonny Vancouver is now Jonny Hutong as he’s in China.  This is our first show done via Skype in the World’s Largest Recording Studio.  The delay was only slightly weird, but I think we did okay considering we were all using microphones we’d found under various pieces of furniture.

Oh, and my GOD am I sorry about my audio.  I was hosting the Skype call, and recording it locally, AND using the camera built into my Logitech Orbit webcam at the same time, and I think I was just one hop too close to infinity loop, so I sound like the MCP from Tron and Kermit had a baby.  Sorry for all the overdrive on my stuff.  Tried to clean it up in Sound Forge (reminds me of the Tom Waits “Get Behind the Mule” live recording I spent weeks trying to “fix” so we didn’t hear “WHOOOOOOOOOO!” every time the person NEXT to the person with the mic cheered.

We’ll figure it out for next show, promise.

Here’s the link for the show, or you can click the Flash-based player below.


Talkybit 1
JH Crystal Castles
ZR Caribou – Odessa
DS School of seven bells
Talkybit 2
JH Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja
ZR Revenge – Danger Mouse w/ Sparklehorse
DS Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – First Aid Kit – Fleet Foxes cover
Talkybit 3
JH The Ties That Bind Us – Philip Selway
ZR What I Need – Jon and Roy
DS I Think It’s Going to Rain Today – Peter Gabriel
Talkybit 4
JH Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
ZR Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano
DS Rollin’ and Tumblin – Jeff Beck
Talkybit 5
JH Radiohead – Ceremony
ZR Autumn’s Here – Hawksley Workman
DS Darth Vader’s _Imperial March – Richard Cheese


The good news is that we suddenly became insanely popular here at the Unknown Origins Podcast.

The bad news is that we ate up our 20GB monthly bandwidth allotment in the space of a little over a week.

I’ve taken the audio files offline for a little while as I move things to a system that can handle (and would in fact want) that kind of traffic.

Hope to have things back online in the near future, but I gotta cut back a bit ’cause we were moving between 2.5 and 3.0GB a DAY in traffic, which is usually more than we get in a week.

Zen Render, Jonny Vancouver, and Duncan Shields pile into the Meat Market Studio for another show.  #35 in a series of 12.  If this were TV, we’d be coming up to the end of the third season.  Or, we’d have been banned from ever being on the air again, due to swearing, and that thing with the unlicensed use of a time machine in the Northern Hemisphere after March 16th.  Last show in Vancouver (well, at least, last show when we’re ALL in Vancouver, as you’ll hear in the Talkybits of this show).  Another random collection of things that have been making us ask ourselves “who is this?” and “have I already played it for a previous episode?” and “what day is it, anyway?”

Answers to all these questions and more will be summarily ignored in this episode of UNKNOWN…. ORIGINS…

Song choice order is Zen, Jonny, and Duncan wrapping up each set.

Here’s the show (right-click and SaveAs to download or use the FlashBased player below)


  1. Talkybit 1
  2. Tightrope (f. Big Boi) – Janelle Monae
  3. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells
  4. Mike Doughty – Thank You Lord for Sending Me the F-Train (busking version)
  5. Talkybit 2
  6. Girl Of the Well – Adventure Time
  7. Daniel – Bat For Lashes
  8. You’ll Never Surf Again – Dan Reeder
  9. Talkybit 3
  10. Sing – Four Tet
  11. Groovy Train – The Farm
  12. Jazz Thing / In Honor of Guru – Gang Starr
  13. Talkybit 4
  14. The Way I Feel – Fotheringay
  15. The Twilite Kid – Twilight Singers
  16. Cotton – The Mountain Goats
  17. Talkybit 5
  18. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  19. Everybody Knows This Is Now – Rheostatics & Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
  20. The Blob – The Five Blobs
  21. Outtakes, SoundChecks, and General Asshattery.

The background music during the talkybits is conducted, arranged, and performed by nobody, ’cause Zen forgot to do that part before rendering the whole thing out to MP3.  So… Yeah.  Maybe when we re-release the digitally-remastered DVD editions of the shows, with the extra scenes added back in, the way Ridley Scott would have wanted (if he’d had anything to do with us, which he doesn’t*).

* at all

Once again back is the incredible, ungrammable, the podcastable WE.
Unknown Origins 34, On The Drive Studio: 2nd Floor.

(Okay, no more Public Enemy satire songs, I promise).

Recorded on a Wednesday evening, and we all have to work the next day, so no drinking this time, thank goodness.  Still, we crack ourselves up pretty good, and there’s even the occasional song or three thrown in to shut us up for a bit.

We’re not organized, but we all have very good excuses.  Globetrotting and whatnot.  You know how it is an all…

The show can be downloaded HERE or via the grey play button flash player on the site. It’s a LONG show, ’cause we talk a LOT, but the music’s still worth the trip.


So there’s the show, and the playlist will be posted soon (OR, some good Samaritan could start commenting the track names for your poor hosts, who don’t even have the time to listen to our OWN shows any more).

01)Talkybit 1
02)How High The Moon – Les Paul and Mary Ford
03)Look Out There’s a Monster Coming – Bonzo Dog Band
04)Jet 13 – Guitar Wolf
05)Talkybit 2
06)Be My Girl and Let’s Get Away – Lenny Kravitz, Daft Punk, and Jet by mashup germany
07)Hard Times – Baby Huey and the Babysitters
08)Help I’m Alive – Metric (Twelves remix)
09)Talkybit 3
10)Red Nebula – Fingathing
11)Kiara – Bonobo
12)Deep Shag – Lucious Jackson
13)Talkybit 4
14)This Land is Your Land – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
15)New York is Killing Me – Gil Scott Heron
16)Tighten Up – Black Keys
17)Talkybit 5
18)Mbira Beat – Goldfish
19)Let’s Go Away for a While – J-Dilla vs Beach Boys
20)Speak Though You Only Say Farewell – Mike Oldfield
21)I’ll be Home For Fishnuts
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