Ready to learn WAY TOO MUCH about the internal workings of your illustrious hosts? The three of us convened once again in the Unknown Studio to put together the LONGEST show we’ve ever done. That’s right, MORE TALKING THAN EVER BEFORE.

We went on a quest looking for songs that changed our lives in some way. Whether these songs remind of a particular formative moment in our lives, or just captured a memory for us.

That’s right, it’s flashback time (don’t worry: it’s not a clip show, nobody’s jumping a tank full of sharks, and it’s not a “Very Special” episode).

It is, however, full of swearing (I think we made it 20 seconds before someone dropped the F bomb), so send the kids to bed, or put on the headphones before ya let ‘er rip.

Warning: TWO HOURS OF AUDIO FOLLOWS. We just can’t figure out when to stop talking, it seems.

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{JV = Jonny Vancouver, DS = Duncan ShieldsUp, ZR = Zen Render}

Talkybit 1
JV: Queen Bitch – David Bowie
DS: Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies
ZR: Edge of 17 – Stevie Nicks
Talkybit 2
JV: Thieves – Ministry
DS: Firestarter (Instrumental) – Prodigy
ZR: Beats & Pieces (Album) – Coldcut
Talkybit 3
JV: Eat It – Weird Al
DS: Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman
ZR: Pass the Peas – JB Allstars (featuring Maceo Parker)
Talkybit 4
JV: Float On – Modest Mouse
DS: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Police
ZR: Birthday – Sugarcubes
Talkybit 5
JV: Record Body Count – Rheostatics
DS: This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush
ZR: Overcome – Tricky
Mic Check Bit

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