Here’s part two of our “What Makes Us Talk” soul-searching, cringe-worthy, yaptastic “Songs That Changed Your Life” show.

Once again, it’s TWO FREAKIN’ HOURS long, and replete with expletives, so put some headphones on, or send the kids to bed, or roll up the windows, or something. Not kid friendly, most of the time, lemme just say.

And as always, you can comment here, or on our Facebook group (if you’re into that sorta thing), and feel free to pass the link along to your friends, if you think it’s not the sort of thing that’ll shatter the bond between the two of you.

Unless you then write a really good song about it, in which case, let ‘er RIP.

Right click HERE to download.


Talkybit 1
JV: True Faith – New Order
DS: They Want Efx (Remix) – Das Efx
ZR: Heaven on Their Minds – Jesus Christ Superstar OST
Talkybit 2
JV: Debaser – Pixies
DS: Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
ZR: Gravitate To Me – The The
Talkybit 3
JV: Poison – The Prodigy
DS: Rockit – Herbie Hancock
ZR: I Ain’t No Joke – Eric B & Rakim
Talkybit 4
JV: Legs – The Art of Noise
DS: Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
ZR: Soldier of Fortune – Doug and the Slugs
Talkybit 5
JV: To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure
DS: Martha – Tom Waits
ZR: Jessica Rabbit – Kid Koala
Talkbit Outtake: Myeah, See?

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