In October of 2007, Jonny Vancouver and I did an entire show about Prince, and then we shelved it due to some weird audio issues, and always thought we’d go back and “fix it.”  It’s been a year and a half, so I don’t think the fixing is gonna happen any time soon.  After a quick Twitter conversation with JSmooth995 of IllDoctrine about Prince and Eric Leeds, I am listening to the show again now, and can’t seem to find it on the podcast site, so here all y’all go.

Direct link here, or you can right-click and download that link.  Clicking the Flash-based “play” button below should work, too.


  • Talkybit 1
  • Movie Star (Bootleg)
  • Mountains (Under the Cherry Moon)
  • ♥ or $ [Love or Money] (Under the Cherry Moon B-Side)
  • Talkybit 2
  • When U Were Mine (Prince)
  • Sexuality (Controversy)
  • Hot Thing (Sign o’ the Times)
  • Talkybit 3
  • Superfunkicalifragisexi (Black Album)
  • Alphabet Street (LoveSexy)
  • To Whom It May Concern (Odd Promo Mix of the Symbol Album)
  • Talkybit 4
  • Pussy Control (The Gold Experience)
  • Black Sweat (3121)
  • Electric Chair (Batman)
  • Talkybit 5 (including our off-topic rant about the Radiohead “free album” freakout)
  • Poompoom (Crystal Ball 4disc set) – Sorry about the weird audio warbling.  No, it’s not you, it’s us.
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend (Sign o’ the Times)
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