Summer 09, and we’ve got that slightly hung-over vibe.  Funny.  Little punchy.  Tired, but still diggin’ the tunes.  Your host lineup this week is Ducan, Zen, and then Jonny in each set of three.  Enjoy (but keep the kids from learning the colourful language).

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01)Talkybit 1
02)Summerime – Billy Stewart
03)Kill Dem – Busta Rhymes (F. Pharrell and Tosh)
04)Who Can Say – The Horrors
05)Talkybit 2
06)Say Aha – Santogold
07)The Key Full – Speech Debelle
08)Jerk It – Thunderheist
09)Talkybit 3
10)Dy-na-mi-tee – Ms Dynamite
11)Hey Boy – Teddybears Stockholm
12)House Jam – Gang Gang Dance
13)Talkybit 4
14)Sweat – shizuo
15)More Lazers – Edit
16)Beach Demon – Wavves
17)Talkybit 5
18)Skokiaan (South African Song) – Louis Armstrong
19)H-Bomb – Lord Buckley
20)A Teenager In Love – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Background music for episode #29 was taken from the album “Turn The Dark Off” by Howie B.

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