Here we are once again.  Jonny Vancouver, Zen Render, and Duncan Shields once again bring you the new, the old, the weird, and the wonderful. We also bring you music in between the bouts of silliness.

Get some headphones on if you’re at work, or make the sure the kids are outta the room, or you’re going to spend half of Xmas dinner explaining where little Timmy learned the f-word, (and why he says it with a Jonny Vancouver Irish accent).

You can download or link the 80-something minute show here, or use the various nefarious links and podcast downloaders and I don’t know what you kids use these days with your tartanglers and hornswagglers made by the iPoms or whatever they are.

And get off my lawn.


01) Talkybit 1
02) Oasis – Amanda Palmer
03) For Pity’s Sake – Ellen Taylor
04) You Rascal You – Louis Armstrong F. Louis Jordan and His Timpani Five
05) Talkybit 2
06) Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines
07) Ain’t Easy – Ill Boding
08) I’ll Believe In Anything – Wolf Parade
09) Talkybit 3
10) I Cut Like A Buffalo – The Dead Weather
11) The Lie – Zomby
12) Midnight – Uncut F. Jenna G
13) Talkybit 4
14) The Sweetest Thing – Camera Obscura
15) Coffee Song – ?
16) Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
17) Talkybit 5
18) Pale Blue Eyes – Velevet Underground
19) Quiet Storm – Life’s Addiction
20) You – Vast

The background music for Unknown Origins #31 was taken from KnifeHandChop’s album “Rockstopper”.

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