Zen Render, Jonny Vancouver, and Duncan Shields pile into the Meat Market Studio for another show.  #35 in a series of 12.  If this were TV, we’d be coming up to the end of the third season.  Or, we’d have been banned from ever being on the air again, due to swearing, and that thing with the unlicensed use of a time machine in the Northern Hemisphere after March 16th.  Last show in Vancouver (well, at least, last show when we’re ALL in Vancouver, as you’ll hear in the Talkybits of this show).  Another random collection of things that have been making us ask ourselves “who is this?” and “have I already played it for a previous episode?” and “what day is it, anyway?”

Answers to all these questions and more will be summarily ignored in this episode of UNKNOWN…. ORIGINS…

Song choice order is Zen, Jonny, and Duncan wrapping up each set.

Here’s the show (right-click and SaveAs to download or use the FlashBased player below)


  1. Talkybit 1
  2. Tightrope (f. Big Boi) – Janelle Monae
  3. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells
  4. Mike Doughty – Thank You Lord for Sending Me the F-Train (busking version)
  5. Talkybit 2
  6. Girl Of the Well – Adventure Time
  7. Daniel – Bat For Lashes
  8. You’ll Never Surf Again – Dan Reeder
  9. Talkybit 3
  10. Sing – Four Tet
  11. Groovy Train – The Farm
  12. Jazz Thing / In Honor of Guru – Gang Starr
  13. Talkybit 4
  14. The Way I Feel – Fotheringay
  15. The Twilite Kid – Twilight Singers
  16. Cotton – The Mountain Goats
  17. Talkybit 5
  18. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  19. Everybody Knows This Is Now – Rheostatics & Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
  20. The Blob – The Five Blobs
  21. Outtakes, SoundChecks, and General Asshattery.

The background music during the talkybits is conducted, arranged, and performed by nobody, ’cause Zen forgot to do that part before rendering the whole thing out to MP3.  So… Yeah.  Maybe when we re-release the digitally-remastered DVD editions of the shows, with the extra scenes added back in, the way Ridley Scott would have wanted (if he’d had anything to do with us, which he doesn’t*).

* at all
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