Okay, so that only took us six (or is it nine?) months to get organized to do.  Jonny Vancouver is now Jonny Hutong as he’s in China.  This is our first show done via Skype in the World’s Largest Recording Studio.  The delay was only slightly weird, but I think we did okay considering we were all using microphones we’d found under various pieces of furniture.

Oh, and my GOD am I sorry about my audio.  I was hosting the Skype call, and recording it locally, AND using the camera built into my Logitech Orbit webcam at the same time, and I think I was just one hop too close to infinity loop, so I sound like the MCP from Tron and Kermit had a baby.  Sorry for all the overdrive on my stuff.  Tried to clean it up in Sound Forge (reminds me of the Tom Waits “Get Behind the Mule” live recording I spent weeks trying to “fix” so we didn’t hear “WHOOOOOOOOOO!” every time the person NEXT to the person with the mic cheered.

We’ll figure it out for next show, promise.

Here’s the link for the show, or you can click the Flash-based player below.


Talkybit 1
JH Crystal Castles
ZR Caribou – Odessa
DS School of seven bells
Talkybit 2
JH Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja
ZR Revenge – Danger Mouse w/ Sparklehorse
DS Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – First Aid Kit – Fleet Foxes cover
Talkybit 3
JH The Ties That Bind Us – Philip Selway
ZR What I Need – Jon and Roy
DS I Think It’s Going to Rain Today – Peter Gabriel
Talkybit 4
JH Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
ZR Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano
DS Rollin’ and Tumblin – Jeff Beck
Talkybit 5
JH Radiohead – Ceremony
ZR Autumn’s Here – Hawksley Workman
DS Darth Vader’s _Imperial March – Richard Cheese

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