A few years back, Johnny Vancouver and Zen Render finally met, after many previous years of our friends saying “You should meet, you’d totally get along” and us not believing them for a moment.

Since then, we’ve talked about music, and been to some live shows, and introduced ourselves and each other to a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

Been a few years now, and we attempt to put up a new 90 minute show that usually includes about an hour of music, and about an hour of us yammering like mad fools about music, or food, or movies, or whatever happens to pop into our GunpowderTea-soaked heads.

You can also find us on Facebook, where we tend to announce our shows when they come out. I think there’s about 100 “listeners” of the show now, so get in on the ground floor while you can still say “I knew them when they were still Unknown.”

Duncan Shields is a computer animator for video games. He also likes to write. He grew up in Nelson, British Columbia. He lived in Scotland for five years and got back to Vancouver three years ago. He worked on those GTA games. He’s a tall man. He’s a bit of a freak for movies and misses working in the video store. He has a mildly large collection of comics, DVDs and toys. He’s trying his hardest to earn a living by being creative any way he can. He has blue eyes, a few tattoos, he’s a libra, enjoys the rain and likes bland burritos. He’s happy to be here. He listens to a really wide range of music. He recently picked up a few CDs of prison songs from the forties and some field recordings of folk songs from earlier than that. He’s a fan of the breakbeat but also loves the slow groove.

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