Just in case you’re joining us late, there’s been 12 (or is it 13?) shows done, and the next’ll be up in a bit.

Honest. Any moment now.

Here’s the full list in one shot, just in case you were missing any.

Show #1Playlist (April 06)
Show #2Playlist (Sept 06)
Show #3Playlist (Nov 06)
Show #4Playlist (Jan 07)
Show #5Playlist (Feb 07)
Show #6Playlist (Mar 06)
Show #7Playlist (Apr 07)
Show #8Playlist (May 07)
Show #9Playlist (Jun 07)
Show #10Playlist (Jul 07)
Show #11Playlist (Sep 07)
Show #12Playlist (Sep 07)

As always, the Podcast Category will list all shows (or notes ABOUT shows).

If you’d like to automatically download shows to your iPod add the following into iTunes as a Podcast RSS url:

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