You Know What I Love?

Discovering an author I really enjoy reading. Because then I get to catch up on all of his or her books!

Nora Roberts, writing as JD Robb, could you please write a little faster, because I’m finished the “In Death” series now. Plus, I want to see how Mavis’ baby is.

Jilly Cooper, please get the new book out PDQ. I need to know what happens to Xav and Bianca. Oh, and the demonic little Cosmo. I do not need to be going through a major life change in order for you to publish, you know.

William Gibson, I know you’re in town writing abecause I saw you on Broadway the other week looking for an open pizza joint at 10:AM. You know they only open at 11, Bill. So come on, get that manuscript published!

Katie McAllister, vite, vite! I am simply languising for the new Aisling Grey installment. Can she balance being a dragon’s mate with her girl-on-the-go lifestyle?

Judith Merkle Riley, why is your latest only available in German? If it were in French, I’d get it, just for the exercise, but I want to know what happens to Margaret and I really can’t do that if the verb is all the way at the end of the book.

Julia Quinn, you have run out of Bridgertons to write about. Please tell me this isn’t the end for you, too?

Terry Pratchett, I loved the Hat Full of Sky books, but I’d like to know if Lady Sybil had a daughter or a son, or what. Also, I have the worst crush on Sam Vimes, but you totally knew that.

Speaking of what I love, I love meeting someone who likes the same books as I do, and we can have one of those conversations where you quote the books at each other and everyone else thinks you are mad as a hen because you growl “Hmine!”(Like a werewolf guarding her boyfriend, you know, that sound) and then yell, “Pink bunny rabbit sippers, Fred?”(You know, like a prep school boy who’s on the lawn because of a fire alarm) and then collapse, crying with laughter.

You know, this is empirical proof that the Dark Ages were caused by the lack of dissemination of information. If more people were able to read, Europe would probably not have plunged into several centuries of dispair and ignorance. Think about it. If they were all staying home reading, so many fewer people would have gotten bored and started wars.

Alright. I’m going to go teach some kids to read.

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