Life’s Too Short.

Life’s Too Short Day is December 8th.

It’s being organized by one of the women I chat to on my British wedding site. It’s the first anniversary of her husband’s death.

After he died, this young widow remembered all the times she and her husband said, “We’ll do that later.” And now they can’t.

So December 8, if you want to, do something you’d ordinarily put off because you can ‘do it later’.

Tell someone you love them.
Call a friend and catch up.
Have a manicure.
Go to a really nice restaurant.
Walk the Seawall. Backwards.
Smile at strangers.
Try skydiving, or watercolour, or pastry making, or whatever you want.

Just make it something you know you’d regret if you never got to do it.

Because life really is too short.

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