I am a Winner!

Dear November,

I kicked your ass. You didn’t kick mine this year.

Oh, and incidentally, I wrote a novel while you were trying to bum me out. Yes, that’s right. While you restricted sunlight, pelted me with hail, and blew moldy leaves at me, my creativity still shone through.

See you in another eleven months,


I Did It!

No, I didn’t cross the 50k mark. That’s tomorrow when I chronicle the resuce of Protag’s best friend from demonic sacrifice. Protag will not be wearing pants for this rescue. I figured, everything’s funnier without pants, right?

But I wrote a sex scene. That’s right. The werewolf and the Protag finally got it on.

He was in human form.

They didn’t have intercourse, owing to the fact that I couldn’t have them carrying birth control around for no real reason, and a Marine Biology Masters student is hardly likely to allow a new guy to do it, unprotected-like.

I feel so liberated!

Next challenge: Demonic sacrifice rituals. At least with the sex scene, I had some prior knowledge to draw from. I’ve done a lot of things, but been present at a demonic sacrifice? Not me.

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