My Subconscious Sent Me A Message.

On one of the few nights this week I have had enough sleep, I dreamed, quite clearly, of opeing  Email from Liv Tyler.

Liv wrote:


Come on a book tour with me. Come on, what do we have to lose?

And then there was a  link to her huge house in L.A., where she invited me to stay before we kicked off the book tour.

My first dream-thought was, “She’s right. But I can’t get to L.A.  I’d better ask her to come here. ” Then I thought, “Why does Liv Tyler know a) my email address and b) that I write stuff?”

So if I analyze this the way Arwen does, my successful, glamorous, Daughter-of-a-Rockstar self wants my dowdy, Kitsilano Basement Suite self to get a move on and…promote myself.


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