After Labour Day.

We had a great picnic here yesterday evening. I made enough food (phew!) and it wound down early on account of people had to go teach or go to school this morning. Me, I stayed up late, because I could.

So today, instead of frantically meeting a hundred new students (half my two-day rotation when I worked in regular schools) I woke up and went to the gym. Then I came hoome to make breakfast, bathe, and prepare myself for the day. I went out and ordered some new contact lenses (put it on MasterCard, it only hurts when I open the bills), and came home to do some writing and browsing of available bellydance classes. Then I went to work.

Work was crazy because we have the new fall schedule. No one was really sure where they were supposed to be, but we got it sorted out in the end and I got caught up with some of my students from last year.

L still crams her fingers into her mouth when confused (will her teeth ever grow back in?) and H has had a tremendous growth spurt. He looks like a young man, now. His voice will be cracking within six months, I’ll bet. T, the little clueless one, still hands his books to random teachers, and we have to say, “Okay, T, but who are you supposed to give this book to?”

I went to a private student’s house for some writing exercises. It was her first day of high school today, and, gradually, over the course of an hour, I learned that she got lost, almost started to cry, and then bucked up her courage to use her English language skills to take responsibility. I was proud. Last year, she would have called her father to come deal with things for her.

Then I came home, did some more writing, and ate a sandwich.

I believe I like my current pace of life.

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