Christmas Thoughts.

So my dad and I were talking the other day (I know! Good, huh?) and he wondered if I had thought about Christmas at all. Well, it’s true that I have, in a sort of Oh-Lord-How-Will-We Manage-To-Stay-Sane-And-Will-There-Be-Enough-Money? kind of way. But Dad wanted to know because he was thinking of going to Hawaii.

No, stop getting excited for me. Not take his kids to Hawaii. Take HIMSELF to Hawaii. In fact, he may be taking his girlfriend and her daughter, but it still, it is the best possible situation.

Bo and Carol will be slinging their butts around to various American universities in an attempt to find gainful employment as Philosophy PhDs, so won’t be here, at least between actual Christmas Day and New Year’s.
I’d also feel strange about Christmas in Cow Bay. Call me a narrow-minded antisocial fool (actually, I am sometimes, so that’s ok), but I’m not yet ready to start any kind of tradition there.

So maybe Dad can go to Hawaii, Bo and Carol can find fabulous Tenure Track positions in cities that don’t suck, and E and I can sleep late, watch a lot of movies, and maybe go to an Orphans’ Christmas Dinner somewhere in the neighbourhood.

There’s a plan.

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