Not Everybody Loves To Write.

So my student A came in tonight. She’s tired. She has a cold. She has a mammoth project due on Friday. And when she was asked to write a script for a commercial on how to end child labor, she got a little facetious. I have her permission to post it.


Child 1: I want to be able to play instruments. I want to be a musician.

Child 2: I want to be an artist.

Child 3: I want to help sick people.

Woman: Every child has dreams. But thousands of children lose their dreams and doesn’t even get the chance to have a hope. (starts to cry) They’re suffering from child labour! They don’t get educated and they don’t have their freedom…Please call604-111-2222 to help these poor children. (sits down on the ground and cries more.)

I laughed so hard at this. Maybe I need to get out more.

How Novel!

Word Count: 13,029. Ahead of schedule by a thousand words. If this keeps up, I might take a day off at some point.
My protagonist has evolved considerably since last year. As with last year, many of my own personal bugaboos and greivances are coming out onto the page, where I can examine them and go ‘Yeah, there’s something I have issues with.’

I’m writing in First-person, but a lot of my protagonist’s internal monologue seems to be exactly what I think about things. Funny, because I’ve just made her have dinner with her parents, who are closed-minded bourgeois snobs with a very small worldview. Originally, they were just going to be rip-offs of E’s parents, but the mother, in particular, has become much, much worse.  Not only does she not understand why her marine biologist daughter insists on pursuing a career, she constantly nags her to ‘find a nice man’ and ‘settle down’. Protag’s dad, on the other hand? Yeah. He doesn’t say much, and is obsessed with sailing.

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