Friday Confessions.

Wait, it’s February? How did that happen? I was busy taking pictures.

That’s my first confession. I have mostly stopped caring what people think as I merrily snap my way through the day. I have taken pictures of concrete, birds, knobs, rocks, flowers, cats, dogs, construction sites, and light bulbs. I don’t care that I look like some kind of obsessive woman. I am entertaining myself.

I did stop snapping long enough to get the Essay Clinic finished. I feel guilty that I’ve created another course that will propagate my students’ mothers’ thinking that if their children take enough essay courses, they’ll get into Harvard. It’s just not going to happen, but there’s no way to explain that.

I also feel guilty because I am deviating from the standard writing courses in a lot of ways. Namely, I am advocating that kids bend the truth. These kids come from a culture where they have very little experience thinking for themselves, and very little experience of the world. They’re too busy studying. How to get a better essay out of them? Get them to make up their own material. With a little coaching, I’ll have kids writing better than automatons.

And now, a PSA. Spenny is still back on January 11, and he informed me that yesterday, Spenny and Kenny were on for a live interview thingie on Tom Green’s internet show. But reports massive power outages in LA, so by happy chance, they’re doing the interview today, at 6PM. It’s Have a look.

Anyone else got anything to say?

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