First Love.

Act I

I am sixteen, and I have agreed to meet this boy for coffee at Metrotown. He lives over there somewhere, and although part of me wonders at the advisability of getting into his car, I slide right in when the powder blue Oldsmobile careens around the bus loop to me, and I smile. “I’m Liz.”

“I’m Todd,” he says, and smiles.

He is perfect. He is tall and has blue eyes and goes to an all boys’ school. He is good looking but not like a movie star. He has a slight lisp because his front teeth have a gap and he is funny and diffident.

Act II

We go to all the modem meets together. I cannot imagine my life without this boy. He finishes his homework as fast as he can, and we talk on the phone. I see him Friday or Saturday night, and I ride the skytrain, making sure my makeup is perfect before he picks me up. We hold hands in A&W and tell each other everything. We make plans to go to his grad and he makes sure his cummerbund matches my dress. We are In Love.


After he graduates, he gets a job at the mall downtown. It’s one of those engraving places, and in his spare time, he makes little tags with our names on them. But his paychecks are going on stereos and CDs. I hate CDs. He has no money to go to movies or meets. He has no money to do anything with me. And then he’s smoking pot with the security guard at the mall, so he’s busy. And then he’s dressing more trendy and has new friends and he doesn’t call me as often. This goes on for a few months until I finally can’t sleep, can’t eat. I loved the boy who told me things and I could make laugh, not this guy who thinks he’s cool, but really doesn’t have it right, and he’s getting high all the time and wants to know what it’s really all about, you know?

And so I dumped him. It was the right thing to do, and I was a little sad, but somewhere out there was a guy who wanted to be with me, not spend all his money on CDs and get high with mall security guards. It was inconvenient, as I had to take a guy whose eyes were really close together to Grad, and he wasn’t much of anything, but I thought Todd was out of my system. I could love again, I knew it.

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