First Time In Saskatchewan.

E and I went out to visit his parents a few summers ago. I knew it would be flat. I just wasn’t prepared. I live in BC. We have hills and forests and mountains, like decent landscape does. Saskatchewan, at least around Regina, does not.

E was driving us out to the Qu’appelle Valley, which a very pretty and historic dent in the vast, silent prairie. When he came up from the underpass (Why Regina needed an underpass, I do not know) and drove onto the flat, I screamed like a little girl.

Me: There are no trees! Where are the trees?
E: There are some. (Points to a stand of trees that is a dark smudge on the horizon)
Me: It’s too flat. Anything could get us out here. What about lightning? We’ll get fried!
E: There isn’t a cloud in the sky.
Me: There’s nowhere to hide!

I calmed down, but I became aware right there that I am a BC girl. I don’t feel safe without mountains and trees.

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