First Lunch At School.

It took me a while to get up the nerve to have lunch at school. I was a child bothered by excessive noise, and the high bare walls and ceilings of the lunchroom did nothing to baffle sound. It was loud  in there even when we just went in to play games. Lunchtime was a pulsating din.

Before, I came home for lunch, and there was my dog, Sam, waiting at the end of my block for me. He would have gone farther, but he wasn’t allowed to cross streets.  We’d go together into the house, and there would be a sandwich and milk and mom asking me how things were going. It was nice. A little ritual.

But I was always pushing the boundaries of my independence, and so I finally told my parents I wanted to try to have lunch at school.

It was a special lunch for me. I don’t remember what I ate, but my dad put in a little marzipan frog he’d picked up at some conference. Why they would give a bunch of computer guys marzipan frogs has always seemed illogical, but I loved the fact that my dad put it in my lunch, for a special First Lunch treat.

However, it was way too cute to eat. Besides, it had eyes. It was practically alive! So I took it home and told my parents that it was going to be a companion, that I didn’t want to eat it, because it was too cute.

They explained that it would eventually get all manky and gross and that I probably shouldn’t keep it around too long.

I nodded solemnly and kept the frog in my desk for the remainder of first grade. They didn’t have to know.

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