Opening Up.

So after a year of photography, and doing Photo-a-Day, I’m going to do something very brave.

I’m going to give my dad my Flickr URL.

Okay, it doesn’t look so brave typed out like that, but for me, it is. My dad is the photographer in our family. It’s history. Tradition. And so I downplayed the whole photo thing, which is now a big part of my life, because I wasn’t very good. I was too embarrassed of my ineptitude and I didn’t want my dad to see that.

Intellectually, I know that he would have been delighted to have the URL a year ago, that he wouldn’t have been at all critical and would even have been supportive, but I just didn’t feel good enough.

But now more often than not, I get shots I like, or at least can manipulate past mediocrity.   So I’m going to invite my dad to look at my photostream.

I hope he likes it.

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