Snowed In.

Because Vancouver is Gripped! In! The! Icy! Clutches! Of! Snow! I couldn’t actually do any car jockeying. 11th and Trafalgar has snow up past the middle of the hubcaps, and the street hasn’t really been driven on yet. Haro Villa had a dead battery and the alley it was in was an ice rink. We canceled the Carolina car, as I couldn’t physically get to it.  So I got a  Snow Day.

The thing about snow around here is there are a lot of people taking the bus who normally drive. It makes for some interesting bus rides. Those erstwhile drivers don’t know how to ride the bus. They don’t know to shuffle back so that more people can get on. They don’t know to hang on, and they cannot keep from beaning the rest of us with their purses and backpacks. Also, they become unreasonable when the buses are late, which they invariably are, because, duh, there is snow all over the place.

One woman was personally affronted when her bus did not come on time. If she thought about it, she would know that that bus has a hell of a steep, twisty hill to come down, and might be stuck at the top of it for some time. But she did not think, she just bitched people out.

Two guys were immersed in their phones and blocking the aisle on the 22 this morning, so I poked them on their shoulders and pointed out that if they moved we could fit more people on the bus. They seemed vaguely surprised.

One sixtysomething guy just kept staring around himself in wonder, because he hadn’t been on a bus in 25 years. It was like he stepped into a Brave New Transit World or something.

When this melts, all those car people will get back in their cars and drive to work. And then us bus riders will have our buses to ourselves again.

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