Me VS Mother Nature: The Snow Shovel.

Because of the weather, I am carrying a snow shovel around with me as I car jockey. I dig the cars out, I take them to Tremblay, I dig them back into their home spots if they have been abandoned somewhere.

I have to say, carrying a snow shovel totally trumps a dog as a conversation starter.  So many people said, “Hey, you digging your way out?” and “You want to come do my car?” and “That’s a hell of a shovel you have there” to me today.  Of course, you don’t always expect a woman with a snow shovel on the bus. It looks a little weird, and I did get a few bemused smiles.

But I have to say, trooping down Lonsdale with the sleet in my face, snow shovel over my shoulder, I felt like the hero in an apocalyptic movie. I sort of wished someone would say something to me just then, because for sure I could have said something flinty and laconic. In retrospect, I probably just looked insane.

Oh well. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

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