Le Sweet Moustache

For some time now, E has been sporting a moustache. Now, I am not one who regularly goes gaga over facial hair, but I LOVE the Sweet Moustache.  You have to say it like that, too: Moose-tash. It is that kind of facial hair.

E claims it is a sly nod to Lemmy from Motorhead. I rather think it looks like The Edge’s ‘tache, or maybe one of the Village People.  Anyway, I like it. Apparently, this makes me a gay man, which I totally didn’t know about myself.

I want to take pictures of E and the Sweet Moustache, and I want to make them all Rock’n Roll. God knows, we have the guitars. However, E is not buying into it. I keep referring to The Sweet Mousache Rock’n Roll Photo Shoot and he just rolls his eyes. I think he is just shy, but I also think The Sweet Moustache deserves to be immortalized in photos.

Maybe he just doesn’t want his pictures on the Internet. Too bad for him.

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