Bag Lady.

My old bag had been wearing out. This is more of a stress for me than for other women, because I have very exacting needs in a bag.  I can’t call it a purse, because it’s more than that. It’s not just about my keys and phone and wallet. I require something big enough to carry dinner (and sometimes breakfast), water, car jockey stuff, tutoring stuff, book, sunglasses, camera, and all the rest of the dreck that I may need throughout a day. It’s kind of my backup.

So blithely, I sailed forth, looking for a roomy and attractive messenger bag.  Nothing. There were a couple of faux-military ones at H&M. There were some ugly canvas ones at the army surplus store. There were Nike ones at the skate shops. So I got in a snit and made one.

It’s black with pink-and-green cherry blossom trim. It’s waterproof-lined, has pockets for everything, and doesn’t look stupid. I am delighted.

So yesterday I took my new bag up to Safeway to by vacuum bags. Safeway doesn’t carry them any more. Hey, Safeway, what are you thinking? Not everyone has those fancy-pants canister vacuums! Some of us still have our grandmas’ vaccuums from the eighties! Luckily, Shoppers Drug Mart still has vacuum bags, as they know my needs better than you, Safeway.

So. Now I am content in all my bag needs and may blog more. If anything interesting happens, I mean.

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