New Bag!

I don’t know how to make this bigger. But here you can see the sunglasses pocket and strap and sides, with the wicked cherry blossom design.

Really Random Roundup.

Stephanie, sorry the picture of the bag is so small. However, Flickr isn’t cooperating just now. The good news is, road-testing went well. I can sling it on or off one-handed (and look like a badass, I bet!) It holds all I want it to. I just need finishing touches.

The cane dance is coming together. Rachel and I practiced, and will practice again tomorrow. I have hopes of not being an utter disgrace at The Grand Bazaar on Saturday.

Thank GOD my car jockey boss is coming back on Saturday. Doug, our interim boss, is good. He knows what to do. But his weekend is the days I work, and so it’s hard to keep on top of it all. The office staff has been calling, wanting me to break the laws of physics and get a car back to its spot before the auto guys have a chance to do the work.

I have E on the couch beside me. I thought he was going to have to work until silly o’clock, but no. I like that. It’s good to like being with him. Even if he’s snoring right now.

I’m half-watchiing one of the Underworld movies. Thoughts on Twilight spring to mind. Twilight and what makes tween and early teen girls go crazy. But that’s another story.

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