Looking For Equilibrium

So our belly dance troupe performed on Sunday for a breast cancer benefit. There were more dancers than paying audience, which is better and worse for what happened to me. The cane dance went really well. During the veil dance, however, my coin belt started slipping. Which meant I had to try and clutch it, as well as keep to the choreography the rest of the group was doing. Um, yes, I failed that. I am half amused and half embarrassed. I think Kim is going to kick me out of class for being an idiot, but I hope not.

But then! I get home, and my eyes had been bugging me all night, so I get to take a look at them.  Oh, joy. I am getting pinkeye. Because when there’s a whole week of sunny weather forecast, I really would like not to wear sunglassses and have to wear regular glasses. Thank you, pinkeye. Also, no makeup, so in the heat I resemble a shiny piglet. Hotness, I assure you, drips off of me.

With the tiredness and the pinkeye, I thought, hey, why not get a good night’s sleep? That’s a good idea, right? Yes. But I was awakened at 6:30 this mrning by the next door neighbour, who is building a new fence. Not twenty feet from where I sleep. Urban density can bite me, because I am a shiny, pink, red-eyed, clumsy, sleep-deprived bitch.

And that’s been the last 36 hours for me. I hope yours has been better.

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