Getting It Done

There’s something to be said for a Saturday where I just get a bunch of stuff done. It makes me feel clean and light, and is almost never as boring and arduous as I thought it would be. Also, because of the bowel-clenching lead-up to last weekend’s family letdown, I haven’t felt up to much. The house was beginning to look like a bomb had gone off and I kept sniping at myself, so I got laundry, bills, mending, cat litter, and random tidying all done.

I also moved my oak bookcase from the living room to the bedroom and got rid of about three feet of books! Usually I am terrible at getting rid of books, but while I moved the bookcase and books, I thought seriously about why I was keeping some of these volumes. Let’s be honest, I was never going to read a history of the OED, and I didn’t need the MLA style handbook anymore. If my bookcases tell me who I am, I was misrepresenting myself.

The book cull enabled me to reorganize the remaining living room bookcase so it could hold previously homeless CDs, DVDs, and LPs.  And I’m thinking about doing a secondary cull. I’m looking at you, three separate biographies of Miles Davis.  E’s never going to read you.

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