Thanksgiving Score

My birthday fell exactly on Thanksgiving this year. That happens sometimes, and I have always felt it was an extra birthday present: A day off.  It’s nice, and not so many people get that same present. Irrationally, I feel a little special.

But the best present was cooking Thanksgiving dinner in Jim’s kitchen for a bunch of friends. We made all the traditional stuff, and it was just a breeze because Jim’s kitchen is so awesome.  Sandii and Simon and I were a fantastic team, and then our friends showed up to eat the ginormous feast we had prepared! Special mention to Mike for his sweet potato pie, which I cannot live without.

Also, for my birthday from E, Tickets to Evil Dead: The Musical. (Squee!) Also, flowers and jewelry and games and books from the Broadway Crew. It was quite a haul.

What’s extra super cool about a Thanksgiving birthday is that I can legitimately claim not to have had a party yet, and have one in November, when I need cheering up.  Results for everyone!

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