Pets Are Insane But Worth It.

So, Baxter’s anger issues seem to be sorted out. We changed his litter box to one he can access from all sides. Maybe the old one got too stench-permeated, we also maybe think. But now he can go in and poop from all angles, and he hasn’t pooped anywhere else for, like a month. Good. So, except for his constant desire to eviscerate the Upstairs Dogs and his irrational hatred of Mr Hunt, The Egg Man, he’s pretty much a happy guy.

Speaking of the Upstairs Dogs, I love them as well, but they make things complicated when they are loose in the backyard. Bella, who looks like a beefed-up greyhound mix, black with orange eyebrows like a rottie, tears around in laps around the yard, occasionally pausing to poop astonishing amounts.

But the real problem is when Moon comes down. Moon’s some kind of silky, all-black lab mix. Moon LOVES me and frequently peers in the window looking to see if I will go out and let her adore me, mostly by trying to sit on my foot, fluttering her eyelashes at me, and occasionally losing bladder control.

The combination of Bella doing laps in the yard and Moon camping out outside the door drives Bax nuts. He doesn’t know if he should keep an eye on Bella by leaping from window to window, ears flattened, or sniff at the door, where Moon is quivering with adulation, right outside. Baxter waiting to attack and Moon waiting to love means no one gets in or out. It’s like a Mexican pet Standoff.

We still love them. Are we nuts?

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