I love dressing up. I am like a little kid about dressing up. Costumes = fun. However, I’m not feeling it this year. Maybe it’s that Halloween is a Sunday. Maybe I am just loving hearing about my friends’ childrens’ costumes. In any case, I’m not feeling the dress-up vibe. I’m not going so far as to call myself an adult or anything, though.

Part of it is so many store-bought costumes. At work yesterday, I saw fairy princesses and superheroes and vampires and witches, all in boring, off-the-rack costumes.

Here’s me showing my age, but I think we did costumes better in my family (Although up until the age of ten or so I don’t know that I saw a store bought costume, so maybe there were fewer of them). We had thrift shop costumes every year, and when we were done with them, they went into a chest of drawers in the attic and were recycled many times over the years. The attic was beside my room, so it’s not like it was hard to get to, and by the time my brother and I were teenagers, we’d just go in and see what was there and augment as we could.

It also precipitated some interesting conversations.

“Hey, do we still have the jawa eyes?”
“They’re down in the basement beside Dad’s phone collection.”
“I’m going to use them on my robot’s chest.”
“I thought you were going as Kaiser Wilhelm.”
“I was. Now I’m Kaiser Wilhelm with a robot. Ian’s being Archduke Ferdinand with a stuffed parrot.”
“Oh, ok. Here’s the God robe. I could turn it into a centurion thing.”
“Mmm. No. It’s still too long. You look like a Mormon.”
“Well, a bit. But not a centurion. You sort of need the hat.”
“Hmm. Where’s the ewok costume? I could make a cavewoman thing with the fur.”
“Oh, the head! I could do a matching purse!”

We probably looked a little weird, but we had a good time.

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