The Spirit of Radio

I have wanted a radio for my classroom for a long time. I think it’ll be relaxing for kids to listen to music as they work. I’ve been looking, but everything was either too big or too fancy. I want a radio like my first one, that was basically a box with a dial for volume and a dial for tuning. I want it simple and unassuming so that it’s not a physical distraction for kids.

Can I find that? No. I can find clock radios and stereos that also dock iPods and miniature orchestras that also make omelets (ok not really) but I cannot find a simple radio.

The other day I grumbled my way to Shoppers and compromised on a clock radio, thinking, well, it’s cheap, anyway.

Somehow karma failed me, because I tried to plug it in, and even on the lowest volume setting it was WAY TOO LOUD. LOUDER THAN MY SPEAKING VOICE.

I want to soothe kids, not scare them.

So, back to looking. Maybe secondhand stores are the answer.

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