Random Community Ties.

So I just popped out to grab a couple things at our local convenience store. As I do most of the time, I took a book. It’s not raining, and I can walk and read under streetlights quite easily.

I crossed Fourth and a guy asked me, “You’re actually reading, crossing at a light?”

I looked up. “Sure. Lots of light.” I showed him my book.

He looked the cover over carefully. “I’ve been reading a lot of really ironic stuff lately. Is this ironic?”

“The characters are great. The situation is very ironic,” I said, wondering if he was going to work himself into a giant tirade, or was merely passing the time of day.

“Hunh,” he said. “Kind of like Vancouver. Look at us.” He pointed to the sky. “God pissed on us for two weeks of rain. Now we can’t drink the water. Are we the best city in the world, or aren’t we?” He shrugged eloquently.

He has a loose grasp on what I would term ‘ironic’, but he does have a point. If we’re in the best city in the world, the most livable city, why can’t we drink the water?

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