Observations On Outside.

For two nights running (Whoo, what a streak!) I have actually gone out into the world, and interacted with people! Not all of them were barfing or peeing strangers. In fact, most of my time outside was quite pleasant, and entirely free of bodily fluids. It did not distress me in the least to be away from the imaginary people inside my computer.

Sunday was pretty fun, as it was a birthday party at Arwen’s. Now, she comments on my blog, but I know she is a real person, because, duh, I was at her house. There are other people who comment here whom I have seen in the flesh, so I can conclude that they are not imaginary. Obviously, because they cannot fit inside my computer.

Last night I went and interacted with actual people. They are not in my computer either(Too big for the computer).

I must say, being outside was exhilarating, and so immediate. Better than MSN, I swear. I ddin’t have to press ‘enter’ or ‘send’. I just said some stuff, and then they said some stuff, and before you know it, easy as pie, we were having conversations! It was really interesting to talk to real people.

You may ask how I know many of my computer friends are imaginary. Well, think about it: On one of the boards I frequent, I am buddies with people called “Princess Layabout” and “Lumpy” and “Mrs. Magic”. What mother would name her child like that? Obviously, they are imaginary. I can also tell because they are inside my computer, and therefore are very small.

So, to conclude: Outside is fun and there are real people out there. There is a low probability, overall, that you will interact with other peoples’ bodily fluids. However, in my computer are some lovely imaginary friends, and almost no chance of encountering barf or pee (Unless you want that kind of thing, in which case you can google it).

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