Spring Break

Spring Break is kind of an interesting time at work. We’re not just working with our usual kids, but with ones we don’t know as well, too. Schedules are changed, kids are going on vacations, and sometimes there are three signed up for a class and only one shows up. Mixing up the students gives us a lot of insight.

It’s a great chance for teachers to verify or comment on others’ observations about students. I can look back at notes other teachers have made and be able to tell what strategies will motivate a student, or where he or she has improved. I can also support other teachers’ findings by writing “Reading with good inflection, sometimes misses silent ‘e’”, or “Disruptive and unruly”, or “Wow! Congratulations on the great vocab scores!”

It’s also fun because kids have things they want to talk about, a ski trip to Whistler or the Tae Kwon Do level test. These translate into better writing, because they’re experiencing stuff in their lives.

It’s a pretty fun place to be.

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