I Did It!

No, I didn’t cross the 50k mark. That’s tomorrow when I chronicle the resuce of Protag’s best friend from demonic sacrifice. Protag will not be wearing pants for this rescue. I figured, everything’s funnier without pants, right?

But I wrote a sex scene. That’s right. The werewolf and the Protag finally got it on.

He was in human form.

They didn’t have intercourse, owing to the fact that I couldn’t have them carrying birth control around for no real reason, and a Marine Biology Masters student is hardly likely to allow a new guy to do it, unprotected-like.

I feel so liberated!

Next challenge: Demonic sacrifice rituals. At least with the sex scene, I had some prior knowledge to draw from. I’ve done a lot of things, but been present at a demonic sacrifice? Not me.

1 Comment to “I Did It!”

  1. By cheesefairy, November 30, 2005 @ 1:31 pm

    congratulations on the sex!

    as for the sacrifice – there are bound to be many different styles & personal preferences, even in demons. not everyone bakes cookies exactly the same way and not every demon sacrifices identically. so – you can write whatever you want. (I have been reminding myself of this periodically: “You are MAKING THIS UP. It’s not supposed to be true. Who cares whether the Bay really sells corduroy jackets for $200?”)

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