Here we are once again.  Jonny Vancouver, Zen Render, and Duncan Shields once again bring you the new, the old, the weird, and the wonderful. We also bring you music in between the bouts of silliness.

Get some headphones on if you’re at work, or make the sure the kids are outta the room, or you’re going to spend half of Xmas dinner explaining where little Timmy learned the f-word, (and why he says it with a Jonny Vancouver Irish accent).

You can download or link the 80-something minute show here, or use the various nefarious links and podcast downloaders and I don’t know what you kids use these days with your tartanglers and hornswagglers made by the iPoms or whatever they are.

And get off my lawn.


01) Talkybit 1
02) Oasis – Amanda Palmer
03) For Pity’s Sake – Ellen Taylor
04) You Rascal You – Louis Armstrong F. Louis Jordan and His Timpani Five
05) Talkybit 2
06) Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines
07) Ain’t Easy – Ill Boding
08) I’ll Believe In Anything – Wolf Parade
09) Talkybit 3
10) I Cut Like A Buffalo – The Dead Weather
11) The Lie – Zomby
12) Midnight – Uncut F. Jenna G
13) Talkybit 4
14) The Sweetest Thing – Camera Obscura
15) Coffee Song – ?
16) Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
17) Talkybit 5
18) Pale Blue Eyes – Velevet Underground
19) Quiet Storm – Life’s Addiction
20) You – Vast

The background music for Unknown Origins #31 was taken from KnifeHandChop’s album “Rockstopper”.

Here’s our 30th show.  How did THAT happen?  Jonny Vancouver, Duncan Shields, and ZenRender once again take you on a genre-ignoring, caffeine-consuming, stroke-inducing tour of our music collections.  Not work-safe, so put some headphones on, and send the kids to go play in the back yard for a bit.

And if you’re the Facebookish type, join our group, won’t you?

The show can be downloaded here, or played from the Flash-based player below.


01) Talkybit 1 Intro, “Toronto Was a Terrible Band”, Rap’s PhD Shante
02) ZR: Go On Girl (Remix) – Roxanne Shante
03) DS: Corrupted Youth – Main Offenders
04) JV: Eclipse Broadcast – Empire Of The Sun
05) Talkybit 2Everything Is A Good Idea”
06) ZR: Fish – Mr. Scruff
07) DS: To Be A Liberal – Roy Zimmerman
08) JV: Fuck You – Garfunkel And Oates
09) Talkybit 3 “Hall Simon, All the Ducks are Swimming in the Water, Beatles ReReRemaster, Bands Not on iTunes, RiffTrax, Country”
10) ZR: Le Vent Nous Portera – Noir Desir
11) DS: Psychic City – Yacht
12) JV: 1901 – Phoenix
13) Talkybit 4 “Copy the Sounds I’m Making, Germans!  Ken Lee. The mortal fear of suddenly becoming French.”
14) ZR: Ivanhoe – The Dreadnoughts
15) DS: Tank! – Cowboy Bebop OST
16) JV: Not Fair – Lily Allen
17) Talkybit 5 “Oscar Horton, Japanese BigBand, Zen’s Musical Family, Casino Tour”
18) ZR: Cloakin’ D – RAkoon
19) DS: Underground – The Pack AD
20) JV: Dominos – The Big Pink
21) Outtake: YEAH! “The Ballad of the Swearing, Kecking,  Barin’ Pub”

Background music for episode #30 was taken from Funkify Your Life- The Meters Anthology by The Meters.

Summer 09, and we’ve got that slightly hung-over vibe.  Funny.  Little punchy.  Tired, but still diggin’ the tunes.  Your host lineup this week is Ducan, Zen, and then Jonny in each set of three.  Enjoy (but keep the kids from learning the colourful language).

Click here or use the Flash-based player below, and as always, there’s podcast/iTunes/RSS options for you automated download types (look around the page here, there’s probably a link somewhere).


01)Talkybit 1
02)Summerime – Billy Stewart
03)Kill Dem – Busta Rhymes (F. Pharrell and Tosh)
04)Who Can Say – The Horrors
05)Talkybit 2
06)Say Aha – Santogold
07)The Key Full – Speech Debelle
08)Jerk It – Thunderheist
09)Talkybit 3
10)Dy-na-mi-tee – Ms Dynamite
11)Hey Boy – Teddybears Stockholm
12)House Jam – Gang Gang Dance
13)Talkybit 4
14)Sweat – shizuo
15)More Lazers – Edit
16)Beach Demon – Wavves
17)Talkybit 5
18)Skokiaan (South African Song) – Louis Armstrong
19)H-Bomb – Lord Buckley
20)A Teenager In Love – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Background music for episode #29 was taken from the album “Turn The Dark Off” by Howie B.

Randomness.  The “Slightly Under The Weather” show for July of 2009.  Not entirely safe for work, and not entirely safe for human consumption.  You’ve been warned.

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Download the show directly from here, or use the Flash-based play button that should appear below on most browsers.


01) Talkybit 1
02) Hay Loft – Mother Mother
03) Tron – Foals
04) Polka – Yves Klein Blue
05) Talkybit 2
06) Wrong – Depeche Mode
07) Thriller – Speak Low
08) Home – Marc Broussard
09) Talkybit 3
10) White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
11) Jeniferever – Alvik
12) Colour Beyond Colours – DJ Food
13) Talkybit 4
14) Happy Up Here – Royksopp
15) Barracuda – The Bad Plus
16) Manual For Sucessful Rioting – Birdy Nom Nom
17) Talkybit 5
18) Laughing With – Regina Spektor
19) Blood Bank – Bon Iver
20) Shake Me Like A Monkey – Dave Mathews Band
21) weeble

Background for Episode #28 was “TI-Intends” taken from the album Tellus #2 by Ron Kuivala.

Show 27, a randomness show.  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group and join the 265 other folks who have pretty much given up on hearing anything decent on their local radio stations, and end up listening to 90 minutes of three guys in a basement somewhere on the West Coast of Canada.

While we try to keep things in context, and are not trying to offend anyone intentionally, some of us (no names mentioned) really enjoy a good swear-up, so make sure  the kids are in the other room, or you’ve got your headphones on, or something.

Download the show here, or click the flash-based play button below.


01 – Talkybit 1
02 – Spade (F. Martha Wainwright) – Brighton Port Authority
03 – Hometown Glory – Adele
04 – When I Grow Up – Fever Ray
05 – Talkybit 2
06 – Death – White Lies
07 – Roller – Monkeybacon
08 – Non Stop – Whitey
09 – Talkybit 3
10 – Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
11 – I’m New – Kutiman
12 – Corners Of My Mind – Nikka Costa
13 – Talkybit 4
14 – Daddy’s Gone – Glasvegas
15 – My Rickety Piano – Degi Heuge
16 – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend
17 – Talkybit 5
18 – Domestic Animal – The Jazz Butcher
19 – Get By – Talib Kweli
20 – Long Way To Wander – Scott Cook
Your hosts this show are Jonny Vancouver, Duncan Shields, and Zen Render.

Background music was taken from Damon Albarn’s “Monkey – Journey To The West”.

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