Second Trimester Fatigue – & Halfway Through!

20 weeks today! 20 weeks to go until due date. Or 21 weeks ’til baby, knock-wood-and-all-is-okay, since neither of our moms has had a habit of popping earlier than due date. We seem to bake ’em for an extra little while. I cooked for 43 weeks, and John (I think) for 42. ( Though he may have been 3 weeks over as well. ) I think they didn’t do induction quite so quickly in those days. Ripley was early – he came only 4 days after due date – so maybe 20 weeks is true. … Ramblemumblearewethereyet?

I’m not posting much right now, probably won’t much for a while. Can’t get to it. Don’t have much brain & am so very VERY tired. According to the blood tests, though, I’m healthy, and Spark’s healthy, so it’s just where I’m at. (Spark’s what we’re calling this one. Buggo was Ripley’s in-vivo name. Buggo & Spark.)
Being told we’re healthy is mainly fabulous, but also a little bit annoying, since if it were anemia I could take iron pills and then maybe I would be able to think again.
We’re transferring over to the OB next week, though, so I’ll be quizzin’ him on possibilities. Want. Brain. Back.

It is still nice to be able to fall asleep quickly though. Average time to get to sleep? Under five minutes. Ripley I had scads of insomnia with. Hours of waiting for sleep. Then he was born, and *he* had insomnia. Maybe this one will be a sleeper.

My next door neighbour was fatigued and sleepy throughout her pregnancy, with no diagnosible medical reason (and a healthy little girl at the end). My GP also said it could just be one of those things. People have suggested it’s because I have a toddler and am pregnant, and that would be true if I weren’t being an utterly lame mom right now – I mainly find places where I can sit and hold my eyelids open while Ripley plays, outside or inside. Our house is suffering neglect. We’re eating simple meals. I’m not really a frenetic mom-on-the-go, right now. I’m the stuffed-animal version of mom.

John is fantastic. He gets home from work, and completely takes over after dinner while I sleep. He also gets up first in the morning. I’m really cramming sleep into every conceivable moment. Normally I nap while Rip is napping, but today I’m tired of sleeping and not waking up feeling less tired. So I’m playing chicken with my own drowsiness.

Since I found maybe 3 references to “second trimester fatigue” online, one to do with dying horribly, I thought this post may work as a public service announcement – the last post wasn’t very google friendly. Supposedly, it does happen, and supposedly, it can just be a normal symptom. If I learn otherwise, I’ll post about it. However, if you are surfing into here with tape holding your drooping eyelids open at week 15, wondering where all the get-up-and-go is: well, sister? I hear ya.

Update!Hello, all – Maybe it was because I loved the community of moms coming here to discuss what’s going on, but these days I’m working as a prenatal class mentor with Dancing Star Birth, here in Vancouver BC.


  1. I know from tired, too. I am soooooooooooooooo glad that you and Spark are A-OK.

    Just remember, even if you are a tired Mum who does as low-impact activities as possible, you are still exerting more energy caring for Ripley than a person without another little being depending completely on them would be. Ramblemumblealmostsixteenweeksgottalovethepregnancybrain. You are not a lame Mum, you’re just a tired one. My kid is eating a lot of tinned vegetables because I, too, am a tired Mum.

    I’m not expecting my get-up-and-go to be back before Christmas.

  2. Wow! If you wrote this blog today, I would swear we were having paralell lives. I too have a toddler, am in my 2nd trimester, am SOOO tired and miss my brain! Hope the new one is a good sleeper!

    By Jennifer Beardsley on August 29th, 2005 at 7:17 pm
  3. Good luck with you. I managed to perk up in my third trimester…. just barely!

  4. It was comforting to see at least one other person suffering from this weird 2nd trimester fatigue. I just popped another iron pill. I hope I don’t overdose on iron, if iron deficiency isn’t the problem. It’d be nice to know what exactly caused the tiredness. Makes me feel unhealthy and abnormal.

  5. Hi. I just stumbled onto your web stie. I am in my 2nd trimester (22 weeks) and exhausted. I do the dishes and want to go back to bed. I don’t have any other children and am very worried something is wrong with me. Everything I read says the 2nd trimester is so WONDERFUL and mine has been sworse than my first. I’ve been vomiting and fatigued. They finally put me on a sub-cutaneous pump for the nausea. Any advice?

  6. I just slept my face off in the second trimester, Sarah – my eldest child notwithstanding. We’d go into his room and I’d cat nap while he played… Of course, listen to your doc: but for me, it seemed to be just plain normal. My newest little one likes to sleep as much as I did during pregnancy!
    Good Luck and Congrats!

  7. thank goodness I found this blog. I have been waiting for that “Bloom” thing to happen and it hasn’t. I dont have any little people to look after and I just feel sleepy all the time, apart from the first hour I get up…..

    By aileen from scotland on March 30th, 2006 at 5:23 am
  8. Heh. I think that’s one of those little medical lies they tell you to keep you cheerful. When Valerie underwent a hysterectomy for fibroids, her surgeon assured her that the upside to all the discomfort would be a huge surge in energy. It may be coming, but it’s been nineteen years now, so we’re beginning to wonder.

  9. Oh, Aileen. I’m glad if it helps to know you’re not alone. I never really perked up until after the baby came, but fortunately the babe enjoys sleeping as much as I did during pregnancy. Congratulations and good luck!

  10. Ironic, Balb, that this post got caught by the spam moderator, but not the one with “Nigerian” and “Lose Weight Fast”.

  11. Well I was searching for answers and come upon this blog…not too many answers but at least I know im not a complete freak…I am sooooo sleepy…work is horrible I have to walk around often or i will start the head fall forward and snap back routine (LOL)…I was also sick as a dog my first 12 weeks so I am greatful that at least that is gone..I have an 11 girl and a 6 year old boy…and lately cereal sounds like a winner for dinner…occasionally I will must up the strength for spagehetti or something but mostly I just wanna cry cause im soooo sleepy its insane..I was always on the go with my first two..this time ????? I use lots of energy in church I love to sing and all the likes…but it takes me all week to recover from Sunday to Sunday well 4 months and 5 to go…amazing that I didnt fall asleep during writing this…LOL Blessings to all~

  12. oh I forgot..which is really bad to say but my husband is pretty good he tells the kids..let your mother sleep dont bother her..and he will do his best in the kitchen which right now supercedes cereal by leaps and bounds..funny thing is..the kids dont have to “let” me sleep…Sleep is in control right now…it takes no special effort, surrounding or position for it to come..LOL

  13. 19 weeks along and am so tired that i can barely function! for the past week i’ve laid down in late afternoon for just a “little” nap and slept for nearly 3 hours everyday-i don’t know how i’m supposed to get anything done at this rate! I’m glad i found this website, because everything i read said that the fatigue would take a break about now. i’m still going to ask my ob about it because it could be low iron, but boy do i feel better knowing i’m not alone!!!

  14. The internet is so FULL of MISinformation. Believe me. And to confuse you worse, each OB has his/her own unique opinion on just about every aspect of human gestation. At 43, with several hospitalizations/surgeries/specialist/MD consults under my belt, lemme tell you there is no such thing as a general medical concensus on anything, except maybe mortality itself. Some of these doctors (and radiologists!) are worse than mechanics pooh-poohing the hack transmission jobs of the competing garage down the street.

    That propaganda about ‘perking up’ the second trimester is rubbish. I am 16 weeks along now. High blood iron. Okay, the hideous nausea is finally gone, but I get so tired, especially in the afternoon, that I’m useless. I get depressed and delusional in this half-consciousness, feeling that I am sleeping my life away. It’s awful. I wake up with head and limbs that weigh heavy as lead. Physical activity….swimming, running, walking, gardening….just sets me back that much further, so to hell with it. Thank god my husband helps me with our little boy. I HATE BEING PREGNANT!!!!!

  15. I am 25 weeks with a two and a half year old and I have never been so tired my whole life. My kid watches way too much tv but I can barely drag myself off of the couch. It’s good to read so many comments like this!

  16. I am a complete stranger to you but I too searched for info regarding this fatigue. I am going into week20 and more tired than when I started this pregnancy. This is my first so no little ones – and I’m apparently completely healthy.
    I thought I was going crazy…so, of course when I found your post and read all the comments – I cried. Because I feel better that others think the “bloom” is b.s. too. that’s all I really do these days – eat, sleep and cry.
    can’t wait to have this baby.

  17. 19 weeks and can barely keep my eyes open. I feel guilty for not spending alot of QT with my daughter, but I get dizzy when I do too much. I get out of breath going up the 3 flights of stairs to my 3rd floor apartment. I started taking iron pills that boost your daily iron intake 200%, and my muscles dont ache anymore, atleast that is a bonus. I have to sleep most of the day or I feel nauseas, dizzy, and get migraines. Iam on a prescription for migraines as of the last week called fiornal plain, which works fantastic. I have a two and a half year old that I worked full time and went to school full time during pregnancy. I was exhausted, with only 5 hours sleep a night. I dont want to feel that tired ever again!! I dont know why Iam so tired either but I dont want to loose my job or my baby. I would rather go on medical leave and sleep this time around, instead of struggling every day, and all of us writing in this blog know that it is a struggle!!! Take care of yourselves while you can, once the baby is here you wont have the time..

  18. Wow! What a relief to stumble upon this site. The last post was a year ago so you’ve all had your beautiful babies by now. I’m 23 weeks prenant with my third child and totally miserable. I have a 2 and a 4 year old and so tired of everyone saying that caring for them is the cause of this unbearable fatigue. I feel like I do nothing for them these days. I’ve asked my doctors to test me for everything becuase I couldn’t believe that a healthy pregnant woman can still feel this terrible. Every once in a while I try to find an answer on the web, but I’ve found nothing until now. It’s is at least comforting to hear that there have been other in my situation and that their babies were fine.

    By Kelly from Florida on September 20th, 2006 at 12:57 pm
  19. Talk about problems with the brain……after posting I realized that several of these posts have been very recent. I’m totally going crazy. I thought they were posting in 2005. But so happy to know many of you are riding this wave with me…..

    By Kelly from Florida on September 20th, 2006 at 1:00 pm
  20. This is my most popular post, because there are a fair number of us out there, it seems.
    I believe the books need to be amended!

    Good luck all with the rest of your pregnancies and your labours…

  21. Such a relief to learn that somone(s) besides me is still feeling tired in the second trimester & wondering when that miraculous bump of energy is coming. I feel less tired than 1st trimester but still much more fatigued that I ever do in a non-pregnant state. I have no other little ones to blame this on, just a job that I’d love to be able to afford to quit right about now. Hang in there ladies!

  22. I’m so glad its not just me. 15 weeks and soooo sleepy. I sit at my desk at 2p.m. dying a cup of coffee and fighting to keep my eyes open. Sometimes I close my door at work and take a ten minute catnap – and wake up feeling just as sleepy. Second trimester bloom – I think not!

  23. Thank you ladies! I have entered my second trimester and want to sleep all the time. I was tired during the first trimester, but now, I’m really beat! Hopefully everything will subside soon. I don’t have any little ones, just a job I too would love to quit about now!


    I was googling for second trimester fatigue and found your blog. I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one suffering. It’s wonderful to read all these comments.

    Everyone keeps talking about the energy burst that comes in the second trimester. I am 17 weeks now and I’m just as tired as I was in the first trimester. I stay on the couch or on bed almost all the time, unless I absolutely have to go out and do something. I need a minimum of 10 hours a night, and even with that, I’m napping during the day. I also have zero brain power — I don’t feel creative or motivated to do anything!

    It helps to know that it is normal to feel tired. I guess I’ll stop waiting for the burst of energy and I will also stop beating myself up for not being able to go to the gym or walk the dog.

    Thanks again!

    By Ann Marie in Los Angeles on November 10th, 2006 at 5:11 pm
  25. Phew! I, too, was searching for info. on 2nd trimester fatigue. I have a 17 mo. old and work full time. However, my little boy is very easy and my husband is a big help. My job is not stressful and my hours are decent. I am not stressed, depressed, etc. I am just plain exhausted! I worked full time with pg. #1 and was coaching a team full time, so I was much busier then, and I did experience more energy in the 2nd trimester. I’ve been planning to bring this up with my doctor at my next appt. because my tiredness is significantly greater than before, and equal to my 1st trimester fatigue.

    I also am relieved to know others are feeling the same way (though I wish you all some energy, too). I have been feeling so bad about my lack of focus at work and my lack of motivation for things I generally enjoy.

    Take care, all!

  26. Thank God….me too, me too!! 27 weeks and exhausted…After a hideous first three months I was let off for the fourth with a return to normality, only to fall back into mind blowing fatigue in my 5th month….since then, exhausted all the time….its my first and I was so scared until coming across this site that there was something wrong with me….good luck ladies….we’re going to be fine ;o)

  27. 25 weeks and exhausted with a two year old at home. You are now the 2nd entry on google on this topic, as I was trying (why am I wasting my (e.g., my son’s) naptime?) to find out if I had low iron or some such nonsense. I was really fine for month 4 and most of month 5, only to have this come back with a vengeance. Thanks for your post.

  28. I was starting to think I was the only 2nd tri pregnant person with fatigue! I’m 23 weeks and feel spent all the time. My dr. says it isn’t iron and that I’m healthy. I wonder if a steak would help anyway?

  29. I’m in the same boat with a 2 1/2 year old and a husband who does 7 days on/7 days off shift work. I’ve crumbled a few times as a result of the stress the fatigue and general lifestyle brings on. Unfortunately, I can also be tired all day long only to have heartburn keep me awake at night. Getting any work done, either at the office or at home, is a joke and most of the time I’m just trying to get through the day. Thank God I can feel the baby kicking to remind me what all this is for!

  30. This is my first pregnancy and I am tired constantly in my second trimester. All I want to do is sleep. Maybe it takes a little longer for some people to get that energy back. Every day around 2:00 I feel like I cant keep my eyes open. I get a full nights sleep every evening and I just want to feel normal again. Maybe this is natures way of preparing me for the fact that things will never be normal again.

  31. I am in my 22nd week with my 1st and I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I go to bed at 8am and can barely get up at 7am for work. I have more excuses to be late than ever. As far as I know I am healthy and so is the baby but this fatigue is daunting. I just got to work and I could fall over and go to sleep. Sometimes I get up and take a walk around the office but as soon as I sit back down I could close my eyes and drift. My days drag and all I want to do is sleep. I was so excited to know that I was going to get that 2nd trimester boost of energy – that NEVER CAME… I don’t even like coffee but I tried a cup of McDonald’s coffee this morning and it hasn’t helped. I even take Juice Plus capsules which are 100% garden and fruit powder blends that don’t seem to help. I could be a vegetarian if they let me but I have been getting my fair share of red meat proteins with my pregnancy and that doesn’t seem to help either. I give up; I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep. Working with all men doesn’t help either. They haven’t a clue what I am going through or how I feel nor do I try to explain! All I know is I want my brain and vigilance back along with my libido would be nice. That too has fallen asleep with the rest of me. I quit reading the books on pregnancy as none of it seems to pertain with me! Thank the Lord that the end result will prevail.

    Thanks for listening and best wishes to all of you suffering-sleepy-heads.

    Ps. I see the doc this Monday and if for some reason he has me take more iron I may never poop again!

  32. bump

  33. Reading a nutrition book, I found out that tiredness in the second trimester is often caused by a “marginal nutritional deficiency.” I checked out the list of vitamins you’re supposed to be getting and found that almost all of them are in dark green leafy greens. Put that together with the fact that your body absorbs vitamins much better from your food than from your vitamin pill, and I had a solution. I put a handful of spinach in a fruit smoothie every day. It worked. I felt normal again within a week… (honestly, it felt miraculous) and then I started getting heartburn. I haven’t had my green smoothies in a week, and I’m tired again. I don’t know what to do now… I’m going to try just taking the smoothie in smaller amounts with meals. Here’s hoping.

  34. I get over 8 hours every night. Weekends I get 6-10 hours of naps. I have a one year old, but he’s surpisingly low maintenance.
    A green smoothie sounds doable, and might help with the constipation, too.
    Now, do I hate my job because I hate my job, or do I hate it because I just desperately want a nap instead?

  35. I’m 16 weeks with twins and am constantly tired. No one believes me. They all think something else must be wrong with me. I used to love my job, but now all I want to do is sleep. I am also stupider than I have ever been in my life. I’m not grateful that other people have these problems, but at least now I don’t feel like some lazy bum who just atrophied into an apathetic mass during her 1st trimester. I am glad that I found this posting.

  36. I too have been feeling this fatigue – but I did have a burst of energy at the beginning of the 3rd trimester but that has since gone downhill. I have a 17 month old and I am 23 weeks pregnant. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone – I think that is alll I was really looking for – will look into the smoothie with spinach (sounds uucky!!! ) :

  37. it is nice to know I’m not alone in feeling fatigued during the 2nd trimester, when the expectation is to feel energetic.
    I wonder what makes it so for some when and not for others?
    Regarding exercise, it is often prescribed to me by those who mean well, but I am doing more than I have before. I admit it is only walking, but I am wrecked after it.
    In comparison to the 1st trimester, I feel great. I do have spurts of energy that last an hour or so every n ow and then, n ot often. Usually I’m so tired, headachy, muscels are heavy and achy, sore gut, sore joints,e tc et c etc.
    I have good iron levels too – maybe check your B12 girls – it can also be related to fatigue…and maybe due to its relationship with folate we need more during pregnancy? I am no doctor, just a thought (i get them once in a while now).
    I’m 18 weeks. I always thought I would love the being pregnant stage of having kids. I’ve always looked forward to it. While I don’t “hate” it, I certainly don’t love it. I do feel a littl e disappointed and very guilty for not sucking it up and being a superwoman…someitmes I get the impression that is how I am supposed to feel and act now that I am a mother. But I have to keep telling myself that everyone is different. Just because someone else made it through the 2nd trimester feeling great, doesn’t mean I should too. So, I guess just look afterselves the best we can, and don’t feel guilty if its not going to win us the mother of the year award – because in the end, doing what we can to make ourselves feel better, is probably going to be the best for bub, who is our number one priority.

    Oh and my mum says don’t forget to drink lots of water.

  38. Aimee – being pregnant is as weird for our bodies as puberty, and more work. You’re doing nothing wrong by not loving it; and I really get the disappointment, because we think we’re going to glow! But yes, everyone IS different, and I am even pretty sure that women who love it the whole time are in the minority.

    However, once you’ve had that baby, you’ll forget what it was like!

  39. Ugg! Im 16 wks and feel like I have a steady flow of nightquil being administered through my body day and night. I cant help but feel dopey and useless all the time! Im pretty sure everyone I know just thinks Im the laziest prego chic ever as they compare me to other prego women that are capable of taking on the world.If I do have energy its short lived and completly hormonal.I congure up just enough fuel to get irritated by everything around me and take a brisk walk around the block only to stumble in the door and calapse on the couch.

  40. Oh my Goodness!! My Darlings, the relief of these posts has brought me to tears! I am so relieved that i am not the only one! 20 weeks in and I too was just reading that second trimester was a beautiful time, yet I am a hideous beast scourged up from the underworld. Yes, my morning sickness has nearly stopped but I am sooooooooo tired! I have been a wreck and convinced that something was wrong with me or the baby for me to be so utterly exhausted all the time as all the pregnancy books and pregnancy websites are telling me that i must be depressed or anaemic to be feeling this way. My brain is a porridgey mess and i have been walking about the house in a daze for weeks. Thankgoodness for lovely husband who has taken the weight off my shoulders tremendously. But heres to us tired ones. Cheers over a glass of sparkling grape juice. Commiserations on your tiredness. Love and best wishes to you all and thankyou all for not making me feel like such a ‘freak’.

  41. I am 22 weeks and exhausted. I cant even walk 100 feet without pantng.I have gestational diabetes, but had it with the last pregnancy too and didnt feel this way .Sometimes i wonder if something else is wrong with me. I am 37 with a 15 and a 3 year old. My blood test results were ok but I can hardly move. I dont think I can work any longer. My mom and husband help a lot with the kids and the house.Perhaps Im just too old for this now. Thats how I feel,old and helpless. Cant wait for baby to come out. I dont want any more kids, cant go through this again.

  42. Wow I am not alone! I have been been completely exhausted every single day since the start of my pregnancy. I am almost 7 months pregnant. All I do is sleep or think about sleeping lol. I feel like I am sleeping my life away. I am still hoping for that bloom of energy I read about months ago. I take a multi vitamin every day, also a “b complex” supplement, I even resorted to taking some extra vitamin d. I eat well. I should get more exercise but am way to tired to even attempt to exercise like I am use to. I feel that I must look like death and I have unusually black circles around my eyes. I have no one to complain to about all of this. My boyfriend simply has no clue. It is good to hear that many of you have supportive partners. Many blessings of health to all of you and your babies.

  43. I was SOOOOO tired during my first tri and how glad I was when I started feeling a lot more energy as I entered the second. But now I am back to feeling oh-so-tired again. I’m 24 weeks now. Maybe there’s something more I could be doing nutritionally. My brain doesn’t feel as fuzzy as at the beginning. I started taking DHA supplement and that seemed to make a positive difference there. I will try the spinach smoothie thing. Also I am probably not doing as well as I could be at staying hydrated lately. I know that not getting enough water can make a tremendous difference in energy levels whether pregnant or not. Best wishes, ladies, with your wonderful little ones. As a first time expectant-mother it is really hitting me just how amazing it is to turn your body into a 24/7 “bed and breakfast” for some little person you don’t even know yet. I know that it’s worth it though.

  44. Thanks for your posts, ladies…and congrats to those who have since delivered their beautiful babies. I am 16 weeks, finally over the ridiculous nausea, and have felt intermittent spurts of energy since the 2nd trimester started. However, I also get fatigued pretty easily. Today I feel utterly drugged, as if I’ve run a marathon. It’s good to hear 2nd trimester fatigue is a frequent occurrence, regardless of what the books report. I also have to remember that books and websites report in generalities and averages, although it doesn’t hurt to ensure vitamin and iron intake is adequate. Nevertheless, I am enjoying this process but CAN’T WAIT to meet our beautiful baby!

  45. I am so glad that I see others dealing with the same fatigue issue…16 weeks. I have three girls, 2.5, 13, and 14 and dont remember feeling this tired in the second trimester. I feel so guilty because I have been a lazy wife, mother, and employee. I kept counting down the weeks until the 2nd trimester only to be disappointed now that I have arrived. I guess that I have to remember that it is still early and I am sure my “spunk” will come back soon. We just have to keep in mind that all of this turmoil is not in vain.

  46. I am 19 weeks pregnant, due Nov. 20, 2008. I am working summer hours at 10 hours a day for 4 days. It is killing me! I have Friday’s off…woooo-hooooo…..what do I do….SLEEP! This is my first child. I have so much to do to prepare…..I am SLEEPING!!!! I am so mad and frustrated with myself, I want everything to be perfect for my first child, and miracle. Reading this helps. I will talk to my doctor though…..last time I took iron, I was constipated……maybe if I team it with Fibercon all will be well!!! =) Thank you for sharing! I hope my little guy sleeps as much as he has made me sleep….I will get things done then!!!

  47. I am 25 weeks pregnant, tired all the time, I tried sleepind more and sleeping less …. and tried eating differently, iron pills, walking more, walking less and I still feel exhausted. Ièm hypoglycemic and have been for over 4 years. And now Ièm scared I might be diabetic… I honestly felt like something is totally wrong with me or my baby..but now I feel a little better knowing Ièm not the only one who still feels sooooo fatigued during kthe second trimester. I get so frusterated…. and break down in tears because I literally have to drtag myself around during the day.
    Thanks for letting me know Ièm not the only one.

  48. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and was fortunate enough to dodge the 1st trimester fatigue. Unfortunately, it found me about 2 weeks ago and has managed to suck all the energy out of me (along with the majority of my brain). So great to find this page and see that other Mom-to-be are having the same fatigue issues. I have really been struggling to get much of anything done at work lately. I do take great comfort in the fact that while I’m dragging, the little froglet in my belly is kicking up a storm, just to let his Mum know he’s doing just fine. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in Fatigue-land, hang in there everybody & have a great weekend!

  49. Like the rest of you all, I am so relieved to find others that are missing the famed Second Trimester Energy Boost. It doesn’t help to hear about all these people who “never felt better” and “didn’t notice any tiredness except at the beginning and at the very end.” I was exhausted my first trimester, started feeling better at about 16 weeks, and now at 20 weeks am feeling exhausted again. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through a 6 day business trip I have coming up at week 27. The hardest thing is that I can be having a good time (amidst a few yawns) one minute and 5 minutes later feel so exhausted I could cry. And I’m not the crying type. This sucks.

  50. Just wanted to offer sympathy and a possible remedy. For my first trimester I was nauseous and I lost 10lbs. because I had no appetite. I was glad to get to the 2nd trimester and get my appetite back, but I was feeling exhausted and mushy brained all the time. Not to mention generally grumpy. For a couple of weeks I was feeling much better and back to my usual self, only to regress again in the last few days. The link for me: Omega 3 supplements. I hadn’t been taking them in the first trimester because of the nausea, then started back up and I started feeling much better after a few days. Then I stopped taking them again because of mild diarrhea and I’m back to being mushy-brained, tired and grumpy. I’d much rather have to go to the bathroom a bit more often. I really don’t mind since the iron in my multi-vitamin has me constipated now. So take some Omega 3. It’s good for you and your baby’s brain!

  51. The thing about my fatigue is it just began at 16 weeks also i jst started breaking out and having breast tenderness i just dont understand it the first trimester i had not one symptom i felt awesome but now out of the blue at week 16 i start having all these symtoms i dont know what to think did anyone elses START in the second trimester?

  52. Hi,

    I am another suffering person. I am 22 weeks and completely exhausted. No amount of sleep quenches my tiredness. I am useless at work (having started a new job in September). I have no choice but to work through till April due to financial commitments. I have no idea how I will get through the next 3 months.
    I feel like I am letting everyone including myself down :-(

  53. Thank you for making this google-able! I’m at 15 weeks and, after a couple of weeks where I felt like the fog was lifting, I’m back to just feeling exhausted all.the.time. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  54. I am so glad that I found this site! I am 17 weeks about to be 18 weeks…I was extremely exhausted in the first trimester….once I hit the second, I thought okay, I will feel like my self again :) WRONG! I was myself for like a week, and now I am extremely exhausted again! Glad to know I am not alone!

  55. I was really beginning to think something was wrong with me. Thank you for this blog!!!!! I slept wonderfully last night – from 10 pm till 7 am (waking up only once) I got up to make a dinner in the slowcooker before we headed off to church- I almost didn’t make it through the service- by noon I was back in bed for three hours! I have no idea how I’m going to get through a ten hour day tomorrow (work and commuting). This afternoon my limbs were so heavy I could barely get up.

    I am LOVING being pregnant (waited 16 years !!!!) but I WAS concerned about this second trimester exhaustion. All the books say I SHOULD start to have an energy boost? What boost?!?! I can nap all day. I am fighting a cold- but c’mon, I spent three days in bed.

    We’ve nicknamed our still-in-the-nest baby “Muffin”. Well, muffin is already wearing me out- (I’m 42 ladies!) and I think this is just preparation for the fact that I’m going to have a little whirlwind child who will be hard to keep up with —but I’m going to love every exhausted minute to come…

    Thanks again, and girls- let’s treat ourselves as well as we can – despite families, jobs and other demands, DAMN THE HOUSEWORK and THE OVERTIME- WE CHOOSE TO SNOOZE!

  56. I am right in between 16-17 weeks pregnant. Ive been told my iron is very good and so is my blood pressure. I am still tired all the time. I feel like the laziest pregnant lady ever. I never had the vomiting in my 1st trimester just nausesness and dizziness. I still have the dizzineness and when i get it bad i fell a lil nauses or if im really hungry i start feeling nauses. im pretty much the same as i was in my 1st trimester except im even more sleepy in my 2nd trimester.

  57. I am 19 weeks pregnant, and was starting to feel better and have energy to do things, until
    I had company one day last week and then went to church dance practice.
    This is my 8th pregnancy, and I was feeling more breathless and out of shape, so I made myself dance everything, telling myself that I will feel more energy if I can just get in shape.
    That was Wed. and today is Sunday…I still feel so tired I can barely function.
    Why does it take so long for me to recover from ANY “extra” energy exertion?
    And my kids are trying to help, I am not doing ALL housework by myself, though all the cooking.

  58. As soon as I hit month 4 its like reverting back to month 2- soooooo tired! I had a good window during month 3 where I actually felt normal. Maybe I started overdolng it? Except I hardly get anything done at all at home or work! I hope the whole 2nd trimester is not like this~ or I’m in trouble!

    Thanks for the post and comments! Its nice to know that this can be “normal”- though I wish we could all have that superwoman hormone surge that supposedly is the 2nd trimester!

  59. Wow! 4 years on and still going strong! It was a definite relief to hear that other mums aren’t being “SuperMom” during their second trimesters. I’m 21 weeks with a 2 year old who is being very good considering he’s probably watching too much tv. I’ve been doing my best to make sure I get down and play with him, but his naptime is SO my naptime, too. I’m thinking it must be something about the combination of previous little ones coupled with pregnancy; no matter how little you try and do! Those of us with helpful other halves or extra help should be very grateful to those people. I think we just have to lean on them and slog through til we have our little ones! *Le sigh*

  60. I am 14 weeks pregnant and am very tired still. My vitamin D has been low and I may need an adjustment to my thyroid meds too. I am better than my 1st trimester but not out of the fog like I thought I would be. I am really lucky, my boys ages almost 4 and almost 5 are in school but I feel horrible being home sleeping. It is a luxury that I feel I should not be indulging in. This house should be so clean that it sparkles and meals should be ready and waiting…none of which is happening. I clean and cook in spurts but I feel really bad. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one….but still, I need to get through this too!

  61. It’s really good to read that there are other ladies dealing with this second trimester tiredness. I’m only 14 weeks, and was told the same thing about this being the ‘honeymoon’ period. I have a little more energy in the mornings and I used to be a morning person. I’d go to the gym by 5:30AM and be at work by 7:30AM. Now, I can barely get in the gym twice a week. I believe that it’ll get better. In many months.
    Be Well

  62. I was exhausted during my 1st trimester, then I felt better when the second started, and now at 22 weeks the fatigue has hit again along with a good dose of brain fog! I tell myself that Baby Bean is just having a growth spurt and needs some extra calories, then I put my feet up and have a little snack. The dust and other such stuff will be there when I wake…

  63. I am 17 weeks preg. I am very tired, dizzy and nauseous most of the time. My iron is a little low (11.8) but I think iron pill make me more drowsy than not taking any. I think I am having some circulations problems. And bad varicose veins. The dizziness makes me very depressed. I have 5 other kids and never felt like this.
    Does somebody have any advice?

  64. Oh my goodness.. I’ve had a blast reading all the commentary on this site. I’m wondering myself when I will start feeling “peppy” in this pregnancy. 3rd child for me, with a rambunctious 8 year old and a busy 15 month old, I feel like hell on two feet. I think nothing of gating my youngest in the living room with me while I sneak over to the couch, hide under a blanket and take a 3 hour nap.. Poor child, I know she needs attention and such but I just don’t have the energy, brain power, will power, nothing; to stay awake. Somebody PLEASE wake me up from this nightmare called pregnancy.

  65. I’m 21 weeks and I’ve had to take time off work so I can sleep. Apparently my iron levels are ‘fine’. The baby is healthy, it’s just that I’ve turned into a weird narcoleptic version of myself, lol. I’m in bed by 8pm, and am dead to the world until 12:30pm the next day at the earliest. After a few hours awake, I am back in bed for the night. Yep. For the last 3 weeks I’ve only worked for 3 days a week.
    Now, I do have Crohn’s and my doc says this is definitely contributing. But seriously? I feel like a slug! I can barely stay awake to write this post, lol.
    It’s so good to know that I’m not alone.
    My best to everyone and congratulations to all who have already had their babies! :)

  66. What a relief to find these comments! Am 17 weeks and have been feeling so down that I am still walking around like a zombie in the second trimester. By this time in my first pregnancy I felt fantastic, not this time though! 24 hour morning sickness is finally over, but the fatigue! Feel like the pregnancy police are going to come and get me for being so hopeless. Happy just getting through the day. Lucky not working and able to have afternoon nap on the days my little boy is at kindergarten. Husband very understanding and little boy happy to be allowed to watch so many DVDs-but have been feeling fed up with myself. Reading these posts has helped me realise I need to accept the way this pregnancy is going and be kind to myself and rest, still got a long way to go! So lets all be kind and accepting to ourselves and look forward to feeling great post pregnancy!

  67. SO glad I found this blog! I am INSANELY tired!! I’m 22 weeks and am even more tired then the first trimester. I can’t think straight and get worn out from doing the smallest things. I work full time and it’s getting so hard to even function while’s awful!! All I want to do it sleep. I keep reading how the second trimester is when you feel your best and have all kinds of energy…who the heck are they talking about?? I’m miserable walking around like a zombie constantly. I can’t wait to give birth already!

  68. Just wanted to add my two cents as gratitude for finding this- 17 weeks, still nauseous, still tired. Not as bad as first trimester, but still very unpleasant and makes me useless. I have no moivation to do anything! I have a 2.1/2 year old who is watching WAY too much TV these days. Hoping more energy comes but wondering if it won’t be until long after I have this baby. Sure hope the baby sleeps alot!

  69. I’m so grateful that I found this. I’ve read through all the comments and can only say that I hear you all. I’m 19 weeks along and incredibly tired. I sleep maybe 11-12 hours/night and wake up feeling sleepy. It takes all the energy I have just to drag myself out of bed and eat. Feels like that’s all I do: sleep and eat (and also feel guilty for managing only that while other moms-to-be glow and bloom and go to work). This is my first one. Husband is wonderful; understanding and helpful, but I feel like such a burden sometimes when I can’t get the simplest things done, like cleaning the kitchen. I had an energy surge last week, but I’m feeling worse now and a little worried that the nausea might be returning. Hope not. Hubby said that I might be coming down with some sort of a flu, and that I just don’t recognize it underneath all of these preg symptoms. I’m almost hoping that’s true! Trying to enjoy this pregnancy, nonetheless :-)

  70. I am with all of you. The first two weeks of my 2nd tri was amazing. Now I want to never get outta bed and thinking of cutting back on work just to sleep more. Im only on wk 19. Sometimes Im so exhausted I cant seem to fall asleep. I appreciate hearing from all the women out there! Thanks!

  71. omgggggggggg………..i totally feel the same…i feel tired and sleepy all the time….i cant even watch the dishes and put the dishes in the dishwasher……its so hard for me to even wash one glass…after just cleaning one glass i just want to go back to bed and go to sleep….whenever i am depressed i come here to read these and all of ur comments make me feel better…thanks everyone….i totally know how all of u feel!!!!!!

  72. yet another tired soul in the second trimester here, so happy to know i’m not the only one feeling this way! also happy to know that the second trimester surge is not a reality for every one! i took a day off work yesterday to sleep and today my muscles ache like i slogged in the gym for hours!!!

    this is week 21 for me and i’m pretty sure that i’m operating at about 50% brain capacity right now. doesn’t help that i’m working in a technical field where i have to supervise the work of some pretty bright people, hope i don’t slip up :(

    hubby is very supportive but travels a lot so i’m on my own for the most part. another 19 weeks for the munchkin to be here, can’t wait to meet her! i’m sure it’ll be worth all this & more *big smile* :)

  73. I guess this post is still going strong because after reading the stupid articles online and all pregnancy books saying the secon trimester should be so nice we feel there’es something wrong with us because we’re so d*mn tired. I sleep relatively well during the night, eat well, take the prenatal vitamins, drink the water, go for walks but am very tired right after 11 am. I get home and all I want to do is sleep, there goes the evening trying to get things done! Not much gets done, and I hate it I feel I’m in a time crunch and I’m crabby. I wish my husband could really read my mind so he could do the things we need done right how I would do them…. He helps a lot though so I can’t say he doesn’t.

  74. So helpful!!! I’m 20 weeks and exhausted — with my first pregnancy I was full of energy during my second trimester (at least in my dim memory of it…). Thanks to all for sharing…

  75. I see 2010 postings, and I am feeling the need to vent. LOL I am SO glad I am not the only one out there. Everyone (co-workers in a medical setting, physicians, nurses) keeps telling me I should be feeling fine now that I am into the second trimster. I am 21 weeks pregnant, and so exhausted all the time I could just cry. My Dr assures me that it is just because I am so OLD this time around. I am headed to the geriatric ward at the ripe old age of 37. I have always been tired during my 1st trimester (3 kids at home), but this is the 1st time the fatigue has lingered into the second trimseter. We have done all the routine testing to see if there is a medical cause (none), I take all my prescribed medications, and I am vigilantly watching my blood sugar and blood pressure since I have had problems with both in previous pregnancies. I have always worked full-time and never felt like I would kill just for an hour nap after work!

    THANKS for sharing all your stories, it helps me feel less frustrated just to know I am not alone.

    Good luck to everyone!

  76. So tired. I’m at 21 weeks and I’m exhausted. Sitting at my desk as work, I don’t realize I’ve closed my eyes until my head starts falling forward. The pregnancy books and sites lie – there is no honeymoon trimester. I feel more exhausted than I did in the first.

  77. thank you all for your posts. i am 18 weeks, this is my first pregnancy, and i am completely exhausted. this is worse than my first trimester. even as i write this at 2:30 in the afternoon, i feel my heavy eyelids and wish i could go home and go to sleep. there seems to be no such thing as enough sleep at this point. glad to know i’m not the only one.

  78. Oh, what a relief to find this thread. It makes me feel so much better. 21 weeks along, 3 year old, job, 35 years old, and tired as h*ll.

    Not so far to go though, light at the end of the tunnel. More than halfway through. Can feel all the kicks when I’m lying down — good news since that’s all I want to do.

    Now if I can just psych myself through my job, traveling to a wedding this weekend…

  79. Nice to read all this, though the kid in the first post is now 4! I’m at 17 weeks in my first pregnancy. Since getting pregnant, it’s been a struggle just to get through work, not to mention all of the extra-curriculars I was doing before. The nausea has abated since the first trimester, but the energy and motivation has not. I used to feel peppy and energetic almost every day and it was pleasurable to be out and about. Now I have to push myself for every little thing I need to do. I load the dishwasher and then I need to sit and rest. I go to the post office and then need a nap. After a nap yesterday I actually had a bit of energy to attend a social event, and everyone was like “Where have you been?” because I haven’t cared one squat about my social life for months! I feel like a fundamentally different person. It’s just not worth it to leave the house any more, besides work and the three workout sessions I make myself do each week. Just doing those things takes all my willpower. When will I stop feeling so wiped out? Will my strength and personality stay damped forever?

  80. He’s 5 years old, R! And charming. Maybe sleep helps create a sweet disposition?

    Of course talk to your doc, but if she says you’re fine, you will feel better and more like yourself again. Energy comes back!

    I did find it took a few years after my first baby was born to find the “Me” in “Mom” – having a baby was a big life shift for me. Make sure you make time for you, and you will come back quicker.

  81. OH MY GOODNESS… this post saved my week.

    I am 25 week and have been in a fog fatigue for a week now. My boss actually sent me home for the week because I wasn’t being coherent. I am glad to see your entry and also all of the tremendous response!

    Thank You for making me feel less… freakish.

  82. Oh wow…I thought that I was the only going through this awful tired stage. Im 19 weeks and 3 days and Im so tired during the day. I fall asleep anywhere, on the couch, at the desk, table, car…anywhere just for some relief. It feels like there is a boulder on my shoulder and its pushing down very often. I wake up, Im sleepy, I eat, Im sleepy, I workout (killer sleepy)…I’m tired of explaining that I’m tired all of the time. This is my first child and I’m 25 years old, normal BMI, healthy woman…I get frustrated with this little boy in my belly daily because of all the chaos he is doing to my body. I love him, but i wish he could cook for the next 20 weeks outside of me. But I know he can’t and its just temporary so Im going to Buck up and go back to sleep. Happy pregnancy moms….

  83. Thank goodness I’m not alone! My first pregnancy was a dream and this one has been laden with nausea, fatigue and flu like exhaustion – my iron is normal low and I thought for sure that I was either sick again or anemic. 17 weeks and I could sleep all day. Thank you so much for pitting this!

  84. Thank you so much for this post! It feels good to know I am not alone in feeling this way! It’s my first baby and I’m in my 2nd trimester and have been (im)patientenly waiting for my energy to resurface. Still waiting. I even fell asleep sitting upright in my husband’s office at lunchtime, surrounded by 4 guys all talking loudly. I am healthy as far as I know (my doc wants to test my TSH levels – still waiting on the results) but just so incredibly flattened by fatigue all the time. It’s brutal. It makes me want to cry. I wake up every morning feeling like I haven’t slept no matter how early I go to bed the night before. And I feel useless in most other areas of my life because I simply don’t have the energy to anything. Sadly I don’t get much chance to nap either, which doesn’t help.

    A friend’s mom tells said to me that the fatigue is a sign that the baby is ‘stealing’ my energy and that is a good thing because it means he’s healthy and growing well. My mental retort was, well, then he’s a bl**dy good little thief!

    The thought of enduring this level of fatigue for the next couple of month is enough to bring me to tears. As long as baby is healthy that is what counts, but man, what I wouldn’t give to have some energy!

  85. I too was randomly googling trying to figure out what was going on. I had about a day of the so called “bloom” then went right back into feeling exhausted. My husband (bless him) is coming up with all these strategies to help me fight the tiredness, eg go for a walk, a swim, get up earlier in the morning and have an early night ect.. believe me nothing works. My body feels like I am carrying leads all over it and I have never been one to nap during the day no matter how tired I am. I now find myself, just lieing down for a minute then waking up 3 hours later. I then sleep at least 10 hours during the night. I mean that’s alot of sleep! I am perfectly healthy in every other way apart from feeling a bit depressed from time to time(does anyone else experience this?). I am trying now to just accept what is happening to me and have given up on flourishing :-(

  86. Susie Q, yes, I do get depressed about it, too. I am 22 wks, healthy 37 yo- first baby, no other draining ordeals, but this fatigue is h*ll.

    I had 2 weeks of energy and then it went down the drain, too… Whats bugging me is that I am grumpy. Anyone chipper and energetic, I’d sure like to slap upside the head, lol, if I had the energy to lift my arms.

    What sucks is its Christmas and I want to be happy, peaceful and content- if just for other people, ha, but it just ain’t happenin! On Christmas day, all I wanted was to be left alone. We have friends who took a trip to see some snow and I found myself secretly wishing they all got the runs ;) I’m jealous they have the energy to go have fun. At least I’m laughing about it.

    I take Omega 3, prenatals and eat like crazy- no anemia, bmi is good— I would exercise, but exercise wears me out and I need to recoup from that, as well. I resorted to drinking some coffee, even tho I don’t want to.

    I’m going to try to graze on some green-leafies to see if this helps. Will post if it does.

    Thanks everyone for posting and letting everyone else know we’re not alone :)

    PS: THANK YOU someone for posting that your joints hurt, too. I’m head-achy as well.

  87. I am so glad to see that I’m not the only exhausted pregnant lady that isn’t enjoying my second trimester as much as everyone said I should be! I know I would perk up some if I exercised more but the very idea of forcing my body through that makes me want to cry. I’m useless in the afternoon at work because I’m so fatigued I can hardly focus! Thank goodness for the internet to connect us all so we don’t feel crazy or alone :)

  88. wow, i just googled “exhaustion during second trimester” and i came across this post! so good to know it’s more common than i thought. i was full of energy for about a month {around week 18}. then at about week 22, the exhaustion i had during my first trimester came back with a vengeance… and yes, someone mentioned a “fog”… totally what i feel like i have… a brain fog. i can’t focus on anything. i can’t concentrate. i can’t bring myself to do any of the things i need to. and i am SOOO tired all the time. morning, noon and night.

    i do know i am not getting the recommended amounts of iron, so i will try to increase that. but it’s also nice to hear that this is common and i just have to ride it out.

    thanks! great writing, by the way… you had me giggling throughout. and it was nice to see your hubby was so helpful. mine has been the same.

  89. Hehehe… Thanks for the post!! I am giggling withrelief… I am first time pregnant in a new country, dont speak the language n no friends… So it has been quite a ride so far.. Am 14 weeks… Thankfully didnt get vomiting, nausea was ok, but the fatigue was killing me… It has let down a little, but stilll tire easily n wanna crawl in bed a lot… I was beginning to wonder where my bloom was, considering my first trimester was RELATIVELY easier :P

    My mom n mom-in-law r going nuts :) … but my hubby has been a great support!!!

  90. This blog entry is 6 years old — thank God I found it! I’m 21 weeks and exhausted. This is my first baby. I am not working at the moment. Chores and errands wipe me out! I’m glad I’m not alone.

  91. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not alone. Thought I had gone crazy or had simply become the laziest mother in the world. I am 21 weeks since 8 weeks have been so tired. Making the bed in the morning is exhausting that I have to take a nap immediately after that. I am 37 years with a 13 & 10 year old. I eat then take a nap, go to the loo come back & take a rest. At night I sleep for 10 hours. All check ups says I am fine. This is my worst pregnancy ever. I feel strange las if i am not in my real body as if something has taken over me. Can’t wait to give birth.

  92. I’m 23 weeks and have been SLAMMED with fatigue almost daily since the middle of the first trimester. I’m 37 and this is my first pregnancy. I had so many “feminist” ideals about running and hiking and keeping up with my work all through these 40 weeks, but in reality I can barely run half the errands I need to run before I need to lie down. Take courage, ladies! We’ll all get through this somehow.

  93. Thanks for this- I’m 19 weeks and every book, website, and even my OB says that the fatigue should have worn off by now. I’m still really tired, and my mood swings are probably worse in the second trimester than in the first! I’m so glad to know other women have experienced this, too!

  94. I’m so glad that I found this blog too – I’m 19 weeks and so far my second trimester has been as miserable as the first, with ongoing vomiting and tiredness. I always thought it was just a question of willpower, and that if I was determined I would be able to juggle work with an active lifestyle, social life and pregnancy. As a doctor myself, I believed the textbooks about the ‘bloom’ of the second trimester and was so looking forward to feeling like myself again. Instead, the reality involves dragging myself through the days at work, constantly feeling that I’m under-performing and letting people down, and then spending every evening and weekend feeling exhausted, nauseous and miserable. I have tried walking, swimming etc, thinking it might be a case of ‘mind over matter’, but every time I try to exercise the vomiting just gets worse. I’m getting so frustrated and depressed – I feel that I’m no longer myself. I know that I should be grateful to be lucky enough to be pregnant, as so many women who struggle to conceive would give anything to be in this position, but it’s hard to stay positive when I feel so rotten 24/7. I’ve been through all of the usual medical culprits (anaemia, hypothyroidism) and would urge all women to do the same, as for some women it may be possible to find a cause and treat it. However, like many of the women on this blog I just seem to be having a difficult pregnancy without any obvious cause. Thank you all for writing about this – it is really helpful to know that I’m not the only one feeling like this.

  95. As all the others, so happy to read Im not the only one! No one around me seems to have felt this exhuasted and useless in their pregnancies. It is my first and Im 14 weeks, and while I did feel a few days of the “bloom” and thought everything was about to change, Im back to more tired than ever. Cannot do anything productive to keep my house in order and after trying to do a little laundry or grocery shopping, have to crawl right into bed. Would love to try and excercise but almost can’t even imagine that right now :( I guess I just have to trust my body with the pregnancy and go with its flow.

  96. So glad I found this…I was wondering if I was just being lazy! I’m 19 1/2 weeks along and so so tired, especially in the afternoon. I’m in my first year of a combined masters/NP program part-time and wondering if I am going to be able to finish the first semester. I’m supposed to be reading articles right now…but can’t keep my eyes open or my brain functioning long enough to read! I wrote an exam last week and my mind was totally blank…I”m avoiding looking up the results..I already know them! I have an almost 2 year old (in day care) and a 5 year old (in f/t school) house is falling apart and I’m completely stressed out! Cannot wait until this paper is done…2 weeks off then semester 2…(ultimately can’t wait until mid April when school is over and I only have to focus on family!)…..wish I had energy to write a decent paper!

  97. I’ll add my voice to the chorus – hopefully it will help another exhausted preggo out there know that they’re not alone.

    I’m 16 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, and I’ve never before been this tired. I barely made it through my last two classes for a degree I’m pursuing (B and a C+ – I usually pull all As) during my first trimester and was looking forward to the second trimester burst of energy. I mean, I had it with my first two, why not this one?

    Most days, my (dear, sweet, amazing) husband and I will get home from work by about 6pm. After that, he makes dinner, cleans up from dinner, helps our eldest with her homework, gets the kiddos ready for bed, and puts them to bed. Where am I? On the couch, asleep. I haven’t even had the work/school excuse this week (off for the holidays), and I’ve /still/ been a complete slug. My family let me sleep in until 9:30 this morning. After that, I made breakfast…and then sat down on the couch, curled up, and went back to sleep.

    I feel so bad for them – I’ve been completely MIA (except as a cuddle buddy ;) ).

  98. And, oh, yes – when he’s travelling (about half the time), we eat oatmeal for dinner.
    At least it’s steel cut and hardy ;D

  99. Am so glad I bumped into this page!

    Am 20 weeks and am EXHAUSTED!

    Fact is made worse by the fact that I cant sleep at night,just toss and turn.

    I wish the baby would come yesterday but am so glad am not alone.Had started feeling as though am not pulling my weight…

  100. I cam across this googling “extreme fatigue second trimester”. How funny that an almost-7-year-old blog post has so much action!

    I feel so much better for not being a supermom. This is my second and with the first girl I had insomnia and lots of nervous energy. Like the mom in the actual post, I am totally phoning it in this pregnancy.. little one has been SO awesome and husband hasn’t been too bad (just a bit complainy about the housework not being done – I say do it yourself!)

    Whew, anyway. Good to know I’m not alone.. kinda!

  101. What a wonderful ongoing site. Yes, I too, feel so relieved to know that at 21 weeks it’s okay to feel like my behind is growing roots into my mattress. I have to keep myself lighthearted and find laughter and joy anywhere I can, not always easy I know. Fish oil has helped a lot with the on and off blues (just make sure it’s purified to remove mercury) and a little with energy levels. In an earlier post someone mentioned that her partner was not as understanding as others. My hubby is very helpful but I had him read afew of the post to remind him that I’m not the only one who is struggling to keep the home in tip top shape, or get into the kitchen to create a 4 course meal. Hang in there all you sleeping beauties, something wonderful is about to meet you face to face in just a few short months/weeks. Ok, now I’m off to take another nap.

  102. Its great to read all the posts, I am only 13 weeks and about to begin my 2nd trimester but i am sure that this tiredness, sleepiness, breathlessness and laziness are going to last much much longer, may be throughout my pregnancy.

    I only function for eating and feeding my 4 year old boy, which ends up being mac and chees for him a lot of the times. Since my husband never learned to cook he is only able to help me in cleaning the dishes that too only when he is home before 9pm as he works 80 hours a week. Most of the evenings I end up complaining of my inability to do anything and him arguing that I dont love him or like him anymore!! He has not yet cleaned the house or vaccummed it even though I have not been able to do it in god knows how many weeks! I feel like we are living in a complete mess but he is not bothered by it, so it will get done only when I have some energy! I envy all you lucky women with amazing helping husbands and hope to get over this phase soon!

  103. Thought I’d join the club! This is my second pregnancy, I’m 24 and oh my god I am always sooooo tired! I’m 17 weeks and my first pregnancy was nothing like this one! I had loads of energy then and only a bit of nausea. This one is awful! I was so sick for 13 weeks, then I stopped feeling sick and thought yay here comes the energy…but no, not as yet. I wake up, take my 5yo to school then come home to a disgustingly messy house…then sink into the sofa and can’t seem to get back off till it’s time to go and get him again. Then we get home and I’m back on the sofa! I feel so guilty as a mum that I haven’t cooked a proper dinner in months but I just have no energy. Ever. Yet my iron levels and everything are fine. I soooo want it to get better! And I get so down about it and tearful, moodswings are awful. Reading all of these posts has definitely made me feel better about it all though! Good luck to us all!

  104. I know how you all feel. 17 weeks and totally worn out. Feel guilty for sleeping when there’s so much else to do…..
    Finding it difficult to muster up any motivation for anything. I’m 32 and this is my first baby.

  105. I’m 24 weeks and also exhausted. Was feeling decent from 18-23 weeks, now I sleep 8-10 hours at night, take a 3 hour nap and am still too exhausted to do anything else. Sigh….

  106. This is my first pregnancy and I am expecting twins. I’m 16 weeks and still feel like I’m 5. Nausea was in my first tri and dizziness/lightheadedness has been since day one. I even had to go on medical leave because I am sooooo dizzy and exhausted. My couch is probably sick of my left side by now and it’s made a permanent indent because of me laying down this whole time. I’ve complained to my ob, my gp and specialty ob and they all said this is normal and it should subside in the second tri. Well it’s the second tri and I still feel like hell. They checked my iron (13.9), routine blood pressure checks and results are good , checked my thyroid and it was great, glucose was good too. I had all kinds of test that I couldthink of to find an answer of why I’m not able to get off my butt without feeling lightheaded or tired. Nothing. Eveything is great which I’m grateful for.
    But this is just getting me down and depressed because I waited all my life for pregnancy and wanted to enjoy it. I pictured going to prenatal yoga, taking daily walks with my husband and our dog but I can’t even stnd up for 5 minutes without feeling faint. I eat when I’m hungry and force myself to have snacks in between even when not hungry, I drink 4 liters of water and still feel terrible.
    It felt so good reading about others who are and were waiting for the rush of energy to come in because I’m still waiting for mine. Thank goodness I found this site to help me get through!!!

  107. I found this looking for answers to why im so tired. im going to doc this afternoon and im going to ask him too. i am 24 weeks and I just feel so whooped plus just dont feel like my brains working right either. this kid hope HE sleeps when he comes out as much as he made me sleep lol or at least 3/4 thru the night :)

  108. I realize that it’s now 2013 and everyone who has commented is now enjoying their beautiful little babies, but oh well… I had to comment. :-p I’m 16 weeks today and amd feeling sooo tired and achy. Where’s my 2nd trimester “honeymoon”? :( Heck, I’m still getting on anti-nausea medication because my 1st trimester nausea is trying to hang on for dear life. It’s good to know that I’m not alone AND that it won’t last forever… you guys have all made it over the pregnancy hump. Can’t wait to join you all!

  109. I thought I was going crazy… So happy reading these posts and knowing that what I’m going through is actually normal, despite what the books, doctors and websites say!! First pregnancy, 23yo, fit and healthy. All day nausea and vomiting for the first 18 weeks, now at 22 weeks the vomiting has come back (though not as bad) but added in is extreme exhaustion, feeling like my arms and legs are made of bricks,aversions to almost all foods, weakness and severe restless leg syndrome. All my blood work us perfectly normal. So thankful to hear that this extreme exhaustion is relatively common!

  110. I’d started to think it was just me! Funny thing being I did get the energy surge at the end of 1st trimester (along with the nausea disappearing). In fact, for a while I felt almost normal.

    Then this last week or two I’ve just been unmotivated, drained, and some mornings the idea of showering is exhausting (I do anyway, but way to much effort involved for comfort). Midwife says I’m about 22 weeks, feel like I could just sleep forever.

  111. Great to hear I’m not the only one suffering with this I had severe vomiting early on. I also had a couple of weeks where I thought I was getting back to normal. Now 20 weeks and still feeling constantly fatigued also getting lots of headaches. Struggling to get on with basic things. All my test have come back fine so hoping there will soon be a lovely baby at the end as this is my fourth pregnancy and lost my other three early on.

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